She Hulk Twerking scene and modern feminism

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      The fact that they went out of their way to put a hip hop/rap artist with no talent and no IQ in the show should tell you all you need to know in the first place. I am sick of this “music” being in everything now days. Flat out sick of it. It’s all the same trash with the same beats and formula’s.


      The MCU as a whole seems to devolving into this lazy meta-humor hodgepodge of pop-culture rubbish. It’s like they are trying to make scenes that will trend on toktok rather than tell a compelling story.


      For me, the MCU ended with Infinity War.

      Everything after that is just the dead corpse rotting, with the odd bug and maggot crawling out.



      I blame ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ for this current “forced humour” formula that the MCU keeps trying to put out. I personally think that it’s gotten very stale. I’m not saying that everything has to be dark and serious DC-style but they should at least try to even it out a bit. The last MCU film I can remember being anything like that was ‘The Winter Soldier’. Although they kinda tried to bring it back with Doctor Strange 2.

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      It’s the same with film trailers. Every time they put out a new trailer for something- mostly action films- there’s ALWAYS hip-hop/rap music in them.


      @DragonLady I would argue that No Way Home was pretty dark for a Spidey movie.

      Also, hip hop music slaps hard so I don’t have a problem with it. But Thor Love and Thunder was full of Guns n’ Roses for example. What kind of music would you prefer then?



      I keep forgetting ‘No-Way Home’ was dark as well lol. Music-wise, anything other than rap I wouldn’t mind. Just not rap.


        @Legatus_Legionis: I am right there with you man. Everything after Endgame is crap, except the Sony Marvel stuff (Spider-Man, Venom, etc). It felt good to have Sony’s Spider-Man No Way Home dominate most anything Disney had done with Marvel. It was like a slap in the face to Disney, and I enjoyed that.

        : Agreed. I personally hate modern trailers. It’s the same “woosh..boom” garbage in everything. That low bass boom sound is in EVERYTHING, I am so sick of it. They take sci-fi or fantasy movies and put hip hop/rap in them WHICH DOES NOT FIT! They did it with the Kong vs Godzilla movie and it was f**king horrible!

        : When you say “slaps hard” that shows your age right there. Modern hip-hop and rap is utter and complete trash imo. Flat out, I can’t stand it, at all. Most popular music now days is a computer program spitting out the same regurgitated crap over and over again calling it music. I am a musician who listens to a vast variety of music. I’ve taught guitar and drums. But imo this stuff young people are being fed by record companies now days is low IQ, no talent, garbage. You take 20 of the most popular songs right now, and most of them have the same 3 chords in them. And how many of them have the word “tonight” in them? Hmm? Ya. However, I am not here to tell you what to like or dislike either. More power to ya man. Also, mentioning crap like Thor Love and Thunder doesn’t do anything positive to your mention of Guns N Roses. It’s like saying they put Megadeth in the new Little Mermaid movie, absolutely nothing positive there because the movie is crap. When they do movie or tv shows trailers they need to put music in it that fits. For example, as I mentioned above, Rap and hip hop doesn’t belong in a Godzilla vs Kong trailer, it does NOT fit the feeling, atmosphere, or context of the movie, at all.

        This has derailed from the subject of the OP so I’ll end this part of the conversation here to get it back on track.


        Modern Disney: “Consume and shut up. If you say bad things about our product we’ll send our brainless shills after you and call you racist/bigot/nazi.”

        Incredible how low the quality standard is right now… we never saw something like this before. Sure, there were bad shows/movies before, but nothing like this… a bunch of bad products one after the other…
        And not just by disney, also by Warner Bros, netflix, etc… it’s a disgrace.



        @DarthVemgeant it feels like you’re all over the place. So music is subjective but movies aren’t? It’s over 6 months until the Little Mermaid is out and it’s already crap. By the way, this is the reason why Eminem for example releases surprise albums these days because when he reveals the tracklist, people are already bashing the album and saying things like ”if he doesn’t have music like X I won’t fuck with it, and if he has music like Y I won’t fuck with it”.

        Secondly, I liked Love and Thunder. Not as good as Ragnarøk but better than the first two imo. It’s just opinions. But saying

        Also, mentioning crap like Thor Love and Thunder doesn’t do anything positive to your mention of Guns N Roses

        is refuting something I never said. I just answered to your statement that movies these days only mainly use hiphop with an example.

        You take 20 of the most popular songs right now, and most of them have the same 3 chords in them.

        well pop music is gonna dominate charts these days and they are meant to be simple tunes with catchy choruses. It’s just what music is popular right now. I agree with you that hiphop these days is far from what it used to be but music changes. My favorite era of hiphop was from 1992-2004 with some good artists and albums after that. I can always go back to the music I like. People in the 70’s said ”music these days is trash”, as did people in the 80’s, 90’s and so on. It evolves so just listen to what you like, it’s fairly simple.

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