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    The CGI looks awful and that’s only from what I’ve seen picture wise of this! I saw worse on the final battle of ‘Endgame’ with Spidy and Iron-Man’s heads floating around lol!


    It looks so bad.

    It is like they thing putting in half-effort and expecting full result$ work.  It does not.


    “Looks like a PS3/PS4 cut scene!” LOL!

    My eyes LOL!


    As someone who has the entire original The Sensational She-Hulk Marvel 1989-1994 run, this looks like utter trash. And very poorly done at that.




    @Roas, yes, yes she has

    shw-hulk and boyfriend


    @Digicat Point, but that is way more comedic as opposed to a grown man being carried around like a damsel like in that trailer.

    Big difference if you ask me.


    @Roas, fair enough


    Anyways, i was falling asleep at my laptop posting that last night, so now that i’m actually awake, my thoughts on the trailer:

    First thing, a lot of times the CGI in trailers is incomplete, i’ve seen quite a few movies where the trailer CGI looks like shit but the final product, not necessarily perfect, but it looks way way better, also i don’t know how the timing of working on CGI and putting out trailers is, but it’s possible that by the time a trailer drops they’re already ahead with the CGI compare to what we are seeing in the trailer, which they have a deadline to release it

    On the trailer itself, i think if done right it could be a really cute story, from the few scenes we get it seems like Hulk and She-Hulk have a very sweet brother and sister type relationship, i mean they’re cousins so close enough, i’d like to see some Hulk and She-Hulk team-up moments, doesn’t have to be the final battle, it is
    She-Hulk’s show and there’s nothing wrong with her having that to herself, but some family team-up battle scenes would be very cool

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    Stumbled upon this lady’s videos last week and I must say that I’ve been really enjoying them😁. She makes some really good points on this video on how to write strong female characters (she’s done a few vids like this, including a recent one on why people like Black Widow more than Captain Marvel). I think the writers at Disney etc could learn a lot from her:

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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