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    Does anybody have any suggestions on how to get the exclusive (and general) Funko Pops that only ever seem to be advertised and available in the States here in the UK?  I am a massive collector with well over 700 Funko’s now but we don’t have many stores here that stock them and if they do they range is generic and limited.  There are a few online sites that are dedicated to shipping them over but, as those of you that have used these companies will know, rarely do the items arrive and it is always a fight to get the refund out of the companies after.

    I had an idea of a community who, when travelling to the U.S, can touch base with those after Pops and then bring some back upon their return.  This would reduce a ton of shipping and import costs and open up a great fanbase of Funko collectors.  There could also be somebody Stateside that could do weekly listings of new Pops in stores local to them that they can grab so that orders could be placed ahead of time for when the overseas G&G fandom are in the country to pick up.

    This is all just brainstorming for now, bottom line is that I would love access to the hundreds of Funko Pops that are not available over here, as I suspect many others would too.

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