Should vax’s/non-vax’d be treated differently?

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    Vaccinated Canadians feel entitled to ‘greater freedoms’ than non-vaccinated: poll

    A deep divide has emerged between vaccinated and non-vaccinated Canadians, with each holding starkly different views on everything from vaccine passports to forced lockdowns, a new polls says.

    And those views are similar to what I have seen in the US.

    A big majority of vaccinated Canadians said they should be entitled to “greater freedoms” than non-vaccinated people.

    But there are laws against discrimination.

    Asked whether they would be comfortable going to work with unvaccinated co-workers, people in the poll who had been double vaccinated were split evenly — 40 per cent were comfortable and 41 per cent were uncomfortable.

    However, 81 per cent of people who had not been vaccinated, and don’t intend to, said they would be comfortable. Six per cent were uncomfortable and 13 per cent said it wasn’t applicable.

    How does that compare with the US?

    Being so politically charged as it is in the US, I can only see a much larger contrast.


    People with the vaccine are already treated differently than those that did not get it. Look at countries like France and Australia. And that shenanigans is about to happen in the US as well.


    In the states, I see it as being partisan.

    From what I have read the vast majority of those who got the jab are dems, and the vast majority who are non-jabbed are republicans, I see this as a direct attack on those with a different political ideology and values.

    If you are a dem, you can do anything you want.

    If you are not with us, we will restrict everything you can do until you submit to their agenda.

    Just like a typical nazi/communist.

    The fact the “ruling elites” all over the world are trying to do this is reason to worry about their true motives are.

    Talk of “for the public safety”, they why have they so far failed on all the other “public safety” issues?

    Guns in the hands of criminal!

    Street Gangs!



    Heck, with all the billions they gave to big pharma for the jabs, just look how much public safety on solving those problems could have been.


    It’s not as partisan as you might think. I know lots of hardcore conservatives who went and got it. But I some that did not. However the only shaming I have gotten was from liberal types.


    Why should they be treated differently? Covid is a risk, but for all but a few types of people (those in nursing homes, for example), it’s not a serious risk.


    They should be treated equally. That’s why there’s a divide. Not everyone wants to get vaccinated.


    This is a difficult question. Is “Shedding” real? Who is more likely to have some kind of transferable condition? Some people like their personal space. I like the six foot rule. Isn’t this a brilliant move? They always talk about dividing people by race, class, gender and now, they made a new way to really do it.


    No one should be treated different than another. Medical info should be private an if it is then who is to know who has or has not got it. Laws need to be strengthened to make discrimination on any base illegal and that a persons medical information is between them and a doctor ONLY.


    Listening to Dahboo right now. He says “if you are vaxxed, don’t come anywhere near me.”


    No, they should not be trated differently, that’s called discrimination!

    There’s a rumor going around where i am that unvaxxed people might be banned from using public transport, and i just have this weird feeling it’s going to evolve into dividing the busses in half with plexy glass and saying “vaxxed people in front, unvaxxed at the back”… Rosa Parks, get ready to roll over in your grave

    People with the vaccine are already treated differently than those that did not get it. Look at countries like France and Australia. And that shenanigans is about to happen in the US as well.

    What happened in France and Australia??

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    No shouldn’t be treated differently they are both people whether vaxxed or unvaxxed, they are people and as people they should have the same rights, as that is what a free society gives to their citizens. Dividing people up are not the actions of a free and open society.


    Divide and Conquer.

    It IS the Jim Crow Laws of the 21st Century.


    In the UK from the beginning of September the government is going to go ahead with domestic passports for large avenues (concerts, etc. Anything with 100+ people attending). I was listening to a Nationalist podcast and everyone agreed that it’s naive to assume it’s just going to stop there. Chances are they’ll sooner or later introduce this to any public space, including supermarkets and restaurants.

    “Not getting the vaccine? Fuck you, you can starve to death.”

    It’s unlikely they’ll just straight up murder you for not getting jabbed: That’s a good way to make people realize they’re living in a regime and the last thing they want is to martyr people (this is, of course, assuming they still have some sense of rationality). But they are going to make life tough as possible for the unvaxxed. Said podcast did speculate on ways forward:

    1) Shop online and have food delivered direct to your door. It’s the easiest and most convenient option, but this is probably what they want you to do as it helps them get richer.

    2) Buy from your local small shops and even directly from farmers. Now more than ever is the time to support small businesses. Those that haven’t gone under due to lockdowns are struggling, they won’t be in a position to turn you away. Besides, the more familiar they become with you, the more likely they’ll cut you a break when shit hits the fan. At any rate, their products are generally healthier and of better quality than something mass-produced in a factory.

    3) Grow your own food, if you can. Might seem drastic now, but you never know, this could be a very useful skill to have in the future. Worst-case scenario, it’ll help identify which foods are safe to eat out in the wild. The more self-sufficient you are, the less you’ll have to rely on globalist systems of control, and you’ll become more indispensable to smaller communities.


    One thing you are missing is that if you did not get the jab…

    1.) You cannot go into the office for work.  And if you are unable to get a “at-home” job/income, your ability to even buy online will be limited until you run out of money.

    Anyone remember the movie: Gattaca (1997)

    It was a film with the theme that only one portion of the population was allowed to do things the other portion is prohibited to do, due to what they had in their body.  In this case, it was all based on their DNA.

    Today, people are calling that those that do not have a certain drug in their system are prohibited to do things those that meet the criteria can.

    Legalized discrimination!



    Gattaca was an awesome movie because I could easily see things working out like that due to human nature.

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