Silver Dollar City

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    Silver Dollar City.

    Welcome to Branson Missouri the Nashville/New York of the Heartland, with all the shows and attraction around town and Silver Dollar City there is plenty to do all day.

    Lets get the Wiki-411 out of the way first:
    Silver Dollar City is a 61-acre amusement park near the city of Branson. The park is located off of Missouri Route 76 on the Indian Point peninsula of Table Rock Lake. Silver Dollar City opened on May 1, 1960, the park is an 1880s-themed. Silver Dollar City’s operating season runs from mid-March until late December, with the park closed during the months of January and February.

    Ticket Prices:
    Day Pass: AGES 4-11 $64.00, AGES 12-64 $74.00, AGES 65+ $72.00
    2 Day Pass: AGES 4-11 $84.00, AGES 12-64 $94.00, AGES 65+$92.00
    Season Pass: SDC Adult Pass $128.00

    They do offer “preferred parking” and even Season Pass with Parking. The Parking excluding “preferred” is Free and they have both Buss and Trams operating all day. I will say don’t waste the money on the “preferred parking” Silver Dollar is in the Ozarks and after an entire day in the park, the last thing you will want to do is walk another half mile to your vehicle. Besides the trams are just fun even in the middle of winter season.

    The park is an 1880s-themed, with a heavy Steam-punk influence. As I mentioned this park is in the heart of the Ozarks and you will be going up and down hills all day, not bad but you get in your Cardio which you will need from all the food in the park. There also numerous shops with handcrafted works throughout the park.

    The park has multiple lands or as they call them districts:

    1.       Park Entrance

    2.       Main Street

    3.       Homestead Ridge

    4.       Midtown

    5.       Valley Road

    6.       The Grand Exposition

    7.       Riverfront

    8.       Rivertown

    9.       Wilson’s Farm

    10.   Hugo’s Hill Street

    11.   Fireman’s Landing



    The Park has 7 major Roller Coaster

    1.       Fire in the Hole

    2.       Thunderation

    3.       Wildfire

    4.       Powder Keg

    5.       Grand Exposition Coaster

    6.       Outlaw Run

    7.       Time Traveler

    And another 23 rides:

    1.       American Plunge

    2.       Electro Spin

    3.       Elephant March

    4.       FireFall 2015

    5.       Fireman’s Flyer

    6.       Fire Spotter

    7.       Fire Wagon Frenzy

    8.       Flooded Mine

    9.       Frisco Silver Dollar Line Steam Train

    10.   Giant Barn Swing

    11.   Grandfather’s Mansion

    12.   Happy Frogs

    13.   High-Low Silos

    14.   Ladybugs

    15.   Magnificent Wave Carousel

    16.   Mystic River Falls

    17.   Racing Regatta 2006

    18.   Royal Tea Party 2006

    19.   Mighty Galleon 2006

    20.   Roundabout

    21.   Tom & Huck’s River Blast

    22.   Up the Ladder

    23.   Wings of Wonder


    The park is open 10 months a year but manages to fit in 8 different festivals with the last two being by far the biggest.


    Throughout the operating season Silver Dollar City hosts eight different festivals: <Taken from Wikipedia>

    Festival of Wonder (April): A spring festival showcasing unusual acts and performances.
    Bluegrass & BBQ Festival (May): A celebration of bluegrass music and BBQ from across the nation.
    Star-Spangled Summer (June – August): A summer festival featuring shows and activities that appeal to families with children.
    Moonlight Madness (July – August): Ride all day and into the night on over 40 thrilling rides & attractions as you enjoy over 12 straight hours of nonstop fun for 16 straight days!
    Southern Gospel Picnic (August – September): Gospel music is showcased during this festival along with picnic style dinners
    Country Music Days (September – September): Enjoy 13 days of concerts featuring classic country stars, plus Saturday night celebrity concerts in Echo Hollow® Amphitheatre .
    National Harvest & Pumpkin Nights (September – October): A salute to an old time harvest celebration featuring visiting craftsmen.
    An Old Time Christmas (November – December): A traditional holiday Christmas celebration with special shows, foods, and other attractions. In addition, the park is decorated with 6.5 million Christmas lights and a five-story special effects Christmas tree.
    Pumpking Nights started 2 years ago and my wife and I made it opening night. As someone who has been going to parks for over 40 years I can remember, this was by far one of the best festivals I ever attended. I would suggest if you go for it to go in the day so you can see all the Pumpkins and other decorations before the lights come on at night so you know the ones you really want to see lit up.

    Christmas, lets face it this park wins “Best Park Christmas” in the Nation year after year for a reason. It blows Disney, Knotts and Six Flags out of the water. They put so much in to this event and it shows. My best way to describe it is, it is a snapshot of America Past at Christmas you would see in paintings.

    I suppose the best way to share the park for now is some Pictures, but after the coof is passed video’s will follow.









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