Silver Dollar City Massive land purchase and Expansion.

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    The news is in Silver Dollar City is announcing 2022 as ‘the biggest entertainment year ever’ at the award-winning 1880s-style theme park, featuring 10 world-class festivals & events. Well it just purchased 800 acres as well. This will take the Parks Property from 61 acres to near 900 acres.

    There is another Rumor that a “new ride” is being built in Fireman’s Landing, This I can confirm as true and from several park employee’s it will be the new home of “Fire in the Hole” which makes since as that is the oldest ride and in need of updating. Combined with the current location of the ride, the move makes since. Especially for “Harvest Festival / Pumpkins in the city.”

    It’s ne w location would open up the traditionally closed section between Fireman’s Landing and the Grand Exposition (typically only open for the “Pumpkins in the City event.” This will if it is indeed the plan make the flow in the park much better and negate the hard hill on the west side of the park.

    Here is the Brochure Map of the park:

    You can view this map by following this link:


    This map shows 2019 when they removed the old Employee Parking lot clearing the land for “Fall Festival / Pumpkins in the City’s Dance party:
    sdc 2019


    And here you can see where I have placed the New Ride as well as the potential Path between, “Fireman’s Landing and The Grand Exposition”
    sdc ge1



    From what I keep hearing this year’s Pumpkin will be even Bigger and More of them.

    This is the official word for the Pumpkin Nights…  “Harvest Festival | September 21-October 29: With a major expansion scheduled for 2022, “Pumpkins in The City” is a highlight inside The Harvest Festival. At sunset, tens of thousands of pumpkins – carved, sculpted, life-size and themed – illuminate the night sky, accentuated with a lively, blacklight dance party every night in Pumpkin Plaza. A daytime dimension includes hundreds of demonstrating crafters, plus cowboy lore and music throughout the streets and stages. Culinary experts create specialty seasonal foods with sweet and savory pumpkin flavors and hearty soups.

    Tens of Thousands of Pumpkins wow.


    I will NEVER go to Disney again. However, I WILL be going here.

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