Silver Dollar City

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    Silver Dollar City

    SDC, is a Theme park neat the Heart of Branson Missouri. The park is listed as 61 acres, being in the heart of the Ozarks it will feel more like 6,100 so wear comfortable shoes, Also dress for the season you get all four and each one is remarkable in its own right. SDC takes advantage of them with themed events.

    It is located off of Missouri Route 76 on the Indian Point peninsula of Table Rock Lake. Parking can be an amusement in itself, It has multiple parking lots and not all are connected or in sight of the park itself. The trams from them to the park are a ride in themselves.

    Silver Dollar City opened on May 1, 1960, the park is billed as 1880s experience, but is heavily Steam Punk. It fits Branson’s family-friendly vacation destination. Silver Dollar City’s operation is not the typical 12 months a year but has a season that runs from mid-March until late December, with the park closed in January and February.

    Ticket prices are really well priced in compare to many theme parks.
    Season Pass is $135.00
    Day Pass is $74.00
    Yes they have other options, and you can find them on the website, but multiple links on G&G currently triggers the post as spam so I will not put links here, I will add to this thread with them.

    Parking is Free but you can purchase closer parking for a fee. I would advise not doing it as free is FREE and the trams and busses run constantly so why pay, you will need the money in the park for so many things especially the food which surprisingly for an amusement park is the same price as a normal restaurant.

    The concession stands though can give a Movie Theater a run for the money. The shops to which there are many have something for everyone. As this is an 1880’s park most of what you will find is handcrafted in the park by over 100 artisans. In October it explodes with the Harvest/Pumpkin Nights Festival.

    The park itself is broke up in to what they call “Districts” Districts

    1.       Park Entrance

    2.       Main Street

    3.       Homestead Ridge

    4.       Midtown

    5.       Valley Road

    6.       The Grand Exposition

    7.       Riverfront

    8.       Rivertown

    9.       Wilson’s Farm

    10.   Hugo’s Hill Street

    11.   Fireman’s Landing


    With 7 true Roller Coasters and 2 Log rides there is plenty for the adults. Personal note here, Time Travler is one of the funnest Coasters Ive been on and even with back issues as I get older it is so comfortable I would trade my recliner at home for one of the seats. Beyond the 9 thrill rides the park has 22 other rides for all ages.

    Like many parks it also has shows many of which are seasonal, including some very well known acts. But Christmas is where it shines and if you want to see the old classics played out on stage, get there early and get tickets for the shows (they allow you in without waiting in line)

    Currently there are 8 Festivals


    1.       Festival of Wonder (April): A spring festival showcasing unusual acts and performances.

    2.       Bluegrass & BBQ Festival (May): A celebration of bluegrass music and BBQ.

    3.       Star-Spangled Summer (June – August): A summer festival

    4.       Moonlight Madness (July – August): Ride all day and into the night

    5.       Southern Gospel Picnic (August – September): Gospel music

    6.       Country Music Days (September – September): 13 days of concerts featuring classic country stars

    7.       National Harvest & Pumpkin Nights (September – October):

    8.       An Old Time Christmas (November – December): A traditional holiday Christmas celebration



    For Dinning as I mentioned you need many trips to SDC and all will be worth it at these places:


    1.       Clara Belle’s Cinnamon Bread

    2.       Rivertown Smokehouse

    3.       Buckshot’s Skillet Cookery

    4.       Cakes & Cones

    5.       Chester’s Kettle Chips

    6.       Cokes and Floats

    7.       Crossroads Pizza

    8.       Dockside Grill

    9.       Eva & Delilah’s Bakery

    10.   Fanny’s Famous Funnel Cakes

    11.   Farmers’ Market

    12.   Flossie’s Fried Fancies

    13.   Fry Bread Company

    14.   Hannah’s Ice Cream Parlor

    15.   Hatfield’s Tater Patch

    16.   Lady Liberty Dining Pavilion

    17.   Lumbercamp Falls Skillet

    18.   Lumbercamp Restaurant

    19.   Molly’s Mill Restaurant

    20.   Tater Twist


    Lets go back to the passes, Something I need to mention is in COVID the passes are not the same as normal years. If you have bought in the past you know you were given a number of FREE GUESS PASSES with some exclusions. I noticed they are not included currently in the SDC pass. Also I do not see White Water or Branson Belle. So once the coof is over I hope those return.

    As for staying in Branson, SDC has a Campground with cabins from primitive to “way to fancy for my blood” And yes there is more Hotels and Motels than you can shake a stick at including many on Lake Taneycomo which is a beautiful place to stay especially if you like world class Trout fishing.

    One place I would suggest visiting outside the park is Grand Village Shops aka “Christmas Village” which has at least 40 or 50 Christmas seasonish shops. Thomas Kinkade, at Reflections Art Gallery, can easily hurt the wallet but worse for any Geek is “Back in time Toys” (scored me an original Yoda still in box here).

    I will add to this thread and add to it below. Hopefully I can do it without triggering the spam alert that still seems present on the site.












    Some of my random pictures


    I haven’t been to Silver Dollar City in ages.  I need to get back down there.


    @KimberlyG…. wait till fall, its about to get stupid with the humidity.

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