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    Why would people want to normalize and sympathize towards pedophilia? Like, who would in their right mind would want to do that? Why would they consider Pedophilia something something similar to gayness. I sure hell won’t. But, Simu yes.

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    Thanks for posting. Ryan made a video about this, too. Let’s face it, all we see and hear is grooming behavior. Perverts have controlled media is this country for a hundred years. You hear little inappropriate jokes from the pedo writers in Hollywood all the time. I regret seeing movies. They do not deserve my money. I want refunds for all movie tickets over the course of my life. Glad NOT to have seen Shang-Chi.

    Simu Liu of Disney’s #ShangChi of the Marvel Cinematic Universe would like to let you know he sympathizes with animals who become aroused at the idea of abusing children. This is the type of thinking that Hollywood fosters. An industry with a long history of abuses creates this kind of culture, where evil people are excused of terrible behaviors like….. abusing kids…. pure evil… Welcome to the world the Far-Left wants you to embrace.

    Marvel Fans TURN ON Simu Liu! | Want Him CANCELLED After Disturbing Reddit Posts Exposed!
    Ryan Kinel – RK Outpost
    The same Marvel stans who were fawning over Simu Liu after Shang Chi released have now turned against him after some disturbing old reddit threads have surfaced.


    Does a Poignant Photo of Gay Men’s Choir Show Devastating Impact of HIV/AIDS?

    Have you seen that picture of the San Fran Men’s Choir?
    Like 90% of them died of AIDS. Just being objective.


    Simu Liu’s “INCEL” Reddit History is Very PROBLEMATIC | MCU Stans MELTDOWN!

    Geeks + Gamers


    Simu Liu’s Reddit History Uncovered? Will The SJWs Turn On Him? What Do You Think….
    The Renaissance Nerd
    Never get in bed with SJWs….there is no cure for what you will get….


    whos laughing now lmao what an idiot. xD not only he has the most fuckin punchable face in hollywood, now we know he’s also a perv ped0

    aint watching that shit now xD


    There is either a standard for human behavior or there isn’t. I personally believe that standard is set forth by God but in any case there is either a non-subjective morality or anything goes. And right now we are under anything goes. So not only is this not shocking but you will see more of it.

    What does it day about the world when those who believe in the Lord are shunned but behavior like this is being mainstreamed?

    Now as far as pedo behavior. Touch my child and I will do things to you that will cause the devil himself to raise a brow.


    That StarWarsGirl take…


    We don’t know what creates pedophile tendencies but they’re obviously wrong. Most those with such tendencies that have a strong moral compass realize this sooner rather than later and seek therapy, so… What’s there to discuss? What sort of sympathy we can offer them past encouraging them to make that realization as early as possible and accepting those that sought help and overcame the tendency back into society?

    None, really.  Those that act upon one of the worst sexual urges we can think of still have to be punished and severely so, those who encourage such behavior must be scrutinized and there’s really no reason to even engage them let alone boost their arguments and give them a platform.


    Sounds like someone needs to take the L


    EVS titled his stream: Shame Chi.


    EVS could not even read that Reddit without sulking and just the disgusted expression on his face, you could feel the steam of anger for even reading it. Ethan’s soul is still intact that way. Saw a picture of EVS drawing with some kid and it was so paternal. How things ought to be. We need more guardians like that with no tolerance of sick weirdos.

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