SJWs are Hypocrites

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    Not that we didn’t already know this, but here’s a little reminder 😁


    Missed this one, but better late than never

    Tiny, actually an adult but looks 14, and occasionally acts 14, or younger 😅, this video’s very relatable, minus the big boobs part 😁


    That Storm still has black skin. I’ve known black women with features that weren’t considered “black”. That is a completely bogus argument. Besides, if it is Charlize Theron, at least she’s actually African, unlike a lot of American black people. With that said, if they actually made Storm white, yeah, I’d have a problem with that.


    Twitter is a good example of liberal hypocrisy. Nothing says hypocrite like the do-as-I-say not as I do crowd.

    The only x-men movie I’ll go see is if there’s a Rogue vs Captain Marvel fight in it





    I know, Storm in that videogame is black with white features, and SJWs are still reeeeeing about it 🤣 While the Eternals in the MCU, forget race swapping, half of them have been gender swapped!!!! I suppose for that, since it’s male too female, SWJs think it’s “stunning and brave”


    Respect to Gina Carano 😁

    Can’t wait for Mandalorian season 2 😄


    I’m super hyped for Mandalorian season 2 😁

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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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