Skywalker: A Family At War

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    Ok… what the fuck?!?

    Aside from the fact that, based on the little  extract, this book is written like shit, seriously, it’s taken me a week to get thru 4 chapteers of good Star Wars (me + book = 🐌), i wouldn’t be able to get thru 4 lines of this crap without losing my mind 🤯

    Star Wars: How Ahsoka conquered Anakin’s biggest weakness

    Why in the universe would anyone compare Anakin and Ahsoka in this way?? Of course Ahsoka easily conquered Anakin’s fear, because it’s not her fear! She could make a split second desision to leave the Jedi Order because she was never afraid to do so. How does this make any sense?? Anakin and Ahsoka are 2 different people, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, sure they have similarities too

    To put this in a more simple context: Let’s say you have 2 people, and one is afraid of water, it’s easy for the one who’s not afraid to jump into a swimming pool without hesitation, not so much for the one who is 💡 This isn’t fucking rocket science 🧠->🚽


    The SJWs dont know what SW is. That is why they get it wrong every time.


    This is just another example of Krazy KK and her agenda to ruin Star Wars.

    The force IS neutral.  It is not a “The Force is Female” BS.

    KK has to make every male character as weak and useless, which her female characters have to be “THE BESSTESST EVAR!”

    So even thought Jon Favreau was positioning Ashoka to most likely use the Veil of the Force to undo the Disney sequels, KK will make sure anything Favreau tries to do gets ruined.


    I think a Disney Star Wars fan found this…they called me insufferable…HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    And I was tired yesterday when I made that. I purposely kept myself in a lower gear to be calm. They haven’t SEEN me be insufferable!

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    … I was gonna give my imput on this, but it seems @Raos has already said everything

    So i won’t be repeatative and i’ll just leave 3 words…

    envy wtf


    I purposely kept myself in a lower gear to be calm. They haven’t SEEN me be insufferable!

    And then you made this:

    < BWAH HA Ha ha >


    And then you made this:


    Yeeaaaaah….I was struck with the idea as I fell asleep last night. I needed to make an off camera video today, and this seemed like a fun way to do it.

    As Jeremy and others always say…monetize your haters…or at least in my case inch closer to getting monetized using them.


    I just finished the video,,,, need to watch it again but man you looked tired.


    I just finished the video,,,, need to watch it again but man you looked tired.


    At which part? heh Those clips were from across weeks, and I’d have to line them up to know what other crap I was possibly dealing with.

    I also often don’t get as much sleep as I should for one reason or another. I’m lucky if I break 7 hours in a cycle. I do believe in naps, though, when I can catch them.


    Very beginning, after that I had the headphones on and was listening while shopping for corals lol.


    Very beginning, after that I had the headphones on and was listening while shopping for corals lol.


    My first Brie video, March 9th. Barely over a month starting the channel, probably feeling stressed over getting the hang of it along with lack of sleep.


    Man, that first video keeps attracting minor hate. Some people really don’t like the fact that I took a preemptive dump on this book and called it out for the crap that it is. I cannot fathom how they can so easily accept the Disney Propaganda rewriting Star Wars lore right before their eyes, even rewriting the so called Disney Star Wars lore already in existence.

    They can claim I’m being unfair all they want, the truth is right there Disney Lucasfilm trampling all over Lucas’ Star Wars.


    I have not read this book and I do not plan to read this book both in the near future or in the long term future. Disney Star Wars can try to be George Lucas’s Star Wars all they want. However, the fact remains that they cannot duplicate George Lucas’s success and they cannot come close to the vision that he had for both the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy. Therefore, anything that Disney Star Wars writes on the Skywalker family is false advertisement and no one should have to spent money on that trash. Instead they should re-watch George Lucas’s Star Wars (Episodes 1-6) to learn about the Skywalker family or read about the Skywalker family within the EU where George Lucas had influence over the Star Wars universe.


    @theanimatedgamers  See, this is why I love contributing to this community and seeking council with all you fine people. It reminds me that I’m not spitting into the wind with my views and merely talking to myself.

    Though, right now I wish I’d held my tongue on the Wheel of Time show. I’ve hit a pretty venomous vein that do not like that I don’t like the looks of the upcoming show. These people are so desperate to see their franchise brought to life, they don’t see the red flags of woke agenda and accuse me of being hateful of the series.

    Unfortunately it’s not like with Star Wars where my confidence to swat aside the losers runs deep thanks to my knowledge and experience, but with WoT I am just a guy who read the books and would want a faithful adaptation and cringes at the woke red flags. I’m not WoT super nerd, so going to war with them seems exhausting as opposed to kicking Reylos in the balls which I could do all day long and not break a sweat.


    Finished my 4th reading of WoT monday night.

    As far as the tv show in concerned they have gotten none of the characters correct. NOT FUCKING ONE.
    All of the two rivers characters are Caucasian. Lets make all of the leads black!?
    Lan is Caucasian. just cause he is a blademaster is no reason to make him asian.
    Why in fuck is Min asian!? And why does the INDB credits have her in 3 episodes & Rand in only 1!? Rand is the fucking Dragon; The Dragon is the story.

    Seriously every fucking character in the books has a full description. Getting that right isnt that fucking hard. Unless you are WOKE TRASH like Jef Bozo.


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