Skywalker: A Family At War

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    What’s WoT???


    What’s WoT???


    Wheel of Time.

    I did a video a month or so ago basically pointing out the woke red flags in the upcoming show adaptation, and some SJWs and high strung asshats took exception that I pointed out the race swapping specifically. The latest chirp that frankly after sleeping on it shows this person has mental problems basically is someone screaming at me that they don’t care about my agenda (what agenda…wanting an accurate adaptation), I only made the video for YouTube clicks, and that I need to apologize to Brandon Sanderson and Jordan’s widow for what I said.

    All last night I wanted to strike back, but like I said, after sleeping on it I see this person has mental issues, and because I’m holding to my vow not to engage the crazies I’m left to leaving it alone. I’m thinking of not touching certain things like this for a while until my channel is bigger when regular subscribers and viewers can out weigh the crazies that show up in terms of comments and likes vs dislikes, cuz then the few  crazies that have watched the video are ratioing me.


    Took me a min to find the vid in question; just finished watching it.

    I have avoided all information on the show since I learned of the casting. Its dead to me. So hearing that the first season will be books 1 & 2 is insane. There is too much information in those 1400 pages of story to condence into 10 episodes. Hell just the character arcs of the main cast in book 1 will be hard to condense into 10 episodes. And they get more convoluted once they splinter.

    Read some of the comments. The one talking about a Gandalf clone clearly had no fucking clue about the story. (its likely Tohm; but Tohm is just a dude.)


    @MrDragonbane I actually engaged that dude, because he was just being dumb, not crazy.

    You are also absolutely right that trying to condense 2 books into one season is not going to work. I’m rewatching Poldark right now, and yes, each season is two books, but those are small books not 600-800 page monsters, so it works, and also the series first four seasons are nearly perfect adaptations of the books, which is why it’s so awesome. Season 5 is based on notes of what happened between the major time skip, but it’s still awesome.

    If you adapt something as close to the source material as possible, people will LOVE it.


    Historical fiction series? The INDB seems interesting. May try to find a copy.

    Also watched the FF7r DLC vid. Now they are fucking the players again by making the DLC PS5 only… FUCK SONY.

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