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    As someone who likes the Arrowverse from the CW (however, I will admit, I have come to realize that they’re overrated and not as good as I once thought but I still watch them), is DC’s Smallville any good? I purchased the first 2 seasons on DVD and I plan on watching through the series at some point, but I’m curious to know if Smallville is good. I am aware the show lasted 10 seasons, and I have heard good things about the show.


    I had fun watching the first 3 or 4 first seasons, I’m not sure afterwards, not because I didn’t like it anymore, only  because life got in the way at some point. I remember it being better than the Arrowverse, although Arrowverse does have its moments.


    I loved Smallville as a kid 😸 I used to watch it after school

    But it’s been so long since I last watched it that I don’t remember hardly any of it 😅

    I should re-watch it one day…


    Smallville is amazing. I went in as this being my first exposure to Superman characters and Lex hard carries the show for me. I had a real difficult time understanding why he was hated and a “villain.” In typical DC style, the characters challenge the concepts of good and evil. It’s an all time favorite show of mine :D


    I LOVED Smallville. It’s really good. IMO one of the best live-action Lex Luthors we’ve ever gotten. And Tom Welling is a fantastic Clark Kent.

    Highly recommend it!


    Erica Durance is the best Lois Lane, imo

    Had a crush on her for years. (Allison Mack too, but we don’t talk about her anymore)


    I can’t give Smallville enough credit for keeping Superman and his supporting characters in the spotlight when movies weren’t getting made and comic book media as a whole was in a rut. Even when it had those cheesy CW moments that happened every once in a while, I still loved it. The characters of Lex and Lois are huge standouts, and I think they’re the best live-action interpretations we’ve ever gotten. Erica Durance especially. For me, once I started watching, I had to finish the entire series. It really grabs and hooks you, especially if you love all things Superman.

    I hope you enjoy it!




    God Bless America!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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