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      I watched Jeremy’s video of the Smash community being hit with Metoo/Speakingout allegations, and…I’m not surprised. This is the one, rare moment I’m going to support allegations against the Smash and fighting game communities because they some of the sleaziest communities with some of the biggest scumbags you’ll come across (The fighting game community has a LOT of them). This hasn’t been the fist time the Smash community has been involved with crazy incidents:

      -CEO 2016,  A Cammy cosplayer was being harassed by Smash players when she attended the event, and she was forced to wear pants. Around the finals, a Smash player apparently took a shit in the event’s after party pool before or after the Smash community ruined the Guilty Gear Xrd finals with melee chants and acting rowdy because they demanded Melee would be the only important event for CEO. The TO Jebailey was pissed, but made pointless threats.

      -Evo 2016 – A Smash player Ryuga (or Hyuga) was rooming with some guys, and one of them brought his girlfriend with him. During one of the nights, he tried to grope and get it on with the guy’s girlfriend.  This cost him a 1 or 2 year ban from Smash events.

      There have been many other incidents where Smash players act up in events, and TOs finally get fed up with their shit. A couple of years ago, Smash kiddies stole equipment and chairs from a Dead or Alive tournament, and the organizer punished them by delaying their tournament for screwing over other people. Did you know why it took a while for Smash to come [back] to Evo? Because they rioted over a Metaknight player winning in Brawl, stealing and breaking stuff before threatening the winner. Mr. Wizard wasn’t a happy camper, and made Smash one of the banned games from Evo for a while (the other being Guilty Gear because of Marn, but that’s a different thread).


      There are reasons why people hate the Smash community, and the fgc wanted little or nothing to do with Smash players. I had to deal with them in local events, and they really come off as unlikable pricks you want to punch. Yes, not every person who plays Smash is a scummy slimy asshole, but the community deserves the bad reputation it will never lose. I don’t think Nintendo will really distance themselves from the competitive scene because of money, but they will probably be a LOT harder on the fgc and Smash communities. Tournament organizers like Alex Jebailey (two-faced, pot-smoking sjw cuck), and Mr. Wizard (sleazy TO) always say they’re going to punish the Smash community when it gets out of hand, but they back down because Smash kiddies bring in money. Smash brings in views. Duty Fighter V, Woke Kombat, Tekken, Killer Instinct, Soul Calibur, and Guilty Gear don’t really pull shit no matter what sjw Capcucks like Maximilliandood say. Both the fgc and Smash communities are pretty infamous.

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      I don’t support believing allegations without proof because I’m not a piece of shit.
      Innocent until proven guilty (“smash community bad” is not proof).
      However,  I do enjoy seeing people that support cancel culture get it used against them.
      The only cancelling I wanna see is the cancelling of cancel culture.
      And the more these idiots #metoo each other, the quicker that could happen.

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        “Smash community is bad ‘is not proof’ ”

        You’re right it’s not proof (I agree with innocent until proven guilty), but the community literally deserves the bad reputation it developed over the years. I’m not surprised after knowing about past incidents, and having some experiences with Smash players at local events (nothing dramatic, but Smash kiddies are absolutely unlikable).

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