So, I Totally Triggered Wheel of Time Stans…again…

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    I knew when I made my Wheel of Time video yesterday, that I was going to get push back from the WoT stans. I expected to get ratioed, and as usual I’m fine with it, because hey, that’s YouTube.

    But I’m actually a little surprised and fascinated at how viciously they descend when you talk bad about the upcoming show!

    There is definitely a hive mind going on around that show and within that community where they are seriously mass triggered as soon as someone diverges from blindly loving and anticipating that show. I’ve already been called “sad”, accused of trying to “buy cred” to get into the community, and as usual been told I’m just doing this for outrage clicks.

    1) I never raged in that video…once. I was pretty calm the whole way through, just deeply annoyed.

    2) If I cared about being a part of the WoT community, I’d be a better grifter and be pretending to love the show to get WoT stans as subs, but I’m not…even though I need subs right now.

    And I admit…I stepped into the field a little bit and fenced with a couple of them this morning to try and twist their panties a little bit more…I’ve got some RL stress to work off yet before I conclude something today, so where I normally would have just let them all spurg at me…I decided to poke the stans a little bit to defend myself some.

    So what I wonder now, and I’ll talk more about this on Natural 20 this afternoon, is when did fanbases get taken over by stans like this? When did it become so bad to have a different opinion on something?


    I knew people who experienced something like this on the Percy Jackson topic on a app called Quiz-up some years back. They liked both the films AND the books but they got bullied like hell just for even mentioning the films! I too like the films and the books but there’s a reason why I say that the PJ fan-base is the worst I’ve seen for any book series. Yes the films aren’t great but there’s no need to bully people who have different opinions to you.


    @DragonLady It was the PJ movies that made me want to read the books when they fell flat, because I was curious about what was going to happen in that story.

    Here’s the thing. I’ve been around for a…few decades now…and I’ve been a part of many a fandom, before there was even a thing called the Internet. I’ve had enough experiences with internet fandoms that I don’t really want to even step into those territories anymore, because they are a little crazy nowadays. They are nothing like old school fans used to be. That’s why we call them stans, because they’ve taken that extra step into becoming obsessive nutters where you have to like it and always be excited or else you are an apostate.

    It’s places like these forums that I think are the bastions, strongholds, outposts where old school normal fans tend to gather and behave like we used to without spurging and behaving like SJWs. We agree, disagree, argue, debate, and enjoy the things we like without labeling each other and cutting each other down. We act like fanbases used to, just trying to enjoy our franchises, share them, and nerd out…

    ….k stopping there cuz I’m giving away parts of what I’m going to talk about later today.



    I’m usually a very tolerable person when it comes to on screen adaptations of books/comic books because I know that studios have to make changes for none-readers. There’s very few that I’m not very tolerable with (that God awful Peter Rabbit film for one. WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY BUNNY🤬???) That however was back in the days before Twitter and all this woke nonsense started to get out of hand.

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    Can’t wait for your live stream in which in the title you even mentioned it.

    Natural 20: Wheel of Time Stans Don’t Like Me, The Internet Lies, and More!


    A relative of mine is a big Wheel of Time fan and said he has no interest in the show. I never got into it, but did read Percy Jackson and really enjoyed the writing.

    Going through the old comics and so cool to see names still going strong like Chuck Dixon and Mike S. Miller.

    Both comic adaptations are done by Chuck Dixon. 2005 series and 2010 series.




    I feel….vindication coming my way…

    The audience reviews are starting to roll in, and lots of people are saying what I’ve been saying for months now…while those who are giving the “positive” reviews are just saying it was great but not why or just saying it was passable, ie. the usual brainless stan review without substance, while people who are hitting it hard with negative reviews are telling you exactly why it sucked and how bad.

    Now, I haven’t gone back in, but the comments section of the video is lively with the ration only at 45-67 last I looked…maybe a little higher in the dislikes, but it could be worse. The likes do tick up once in a while. Now, I have no idea if all 74 odd comments are people flaming me, of if some have come to my defense, but it doesn’t matter.

    It’s starting to look like history may look back on me and say, “He got this one right.”

    Guess we’ll see.

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    If it helps the algorism and your channel…. HELL YAY!

    But I would still monitor the comments.  You don’t want a troll saying something within and them flagging their comment to Big Brother and getting your vid/channel in u-tube purgatory.



    In the wake of people basically finding out how un-Wheel of Time the WoT show is….the ratio on this video has been slowly and surely balancing out over the past 48 hours.

    On Thursday I was underwater by 20 or so dislikes….at the time of this post…I’m only down by 3  69-72…

    Screenshot 2021-11-20 at 14-17-52 Channel content - YouTube Studio

    This is the first time I’ve ever seen one of my videos rally back in such a way from being ratioed when an initial take was ravaged by SJWs or stans.

    I just find this very interesting as a fledgling YouTuber, watching a take that so many of a so called fanbase hated being reversed in the face of reality. If it even just edges the Likes to barely over 50% and holds out…I feel like I win this one.

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    Could it be some of those Stans and Karens finally WATCHED the show and realized how wrong they were and changed their up/down….

    < HA Ha ha >  🤣

    Sorry, I just could not help thinking they might have been rational for a moment.



    @Legatus_Legionis My theory is people who watched it and are upset are then searching to see if anyone else felt the same, and they are discovering my warning videos and liking what they see.


    Screenshot 2021-11-21 at 08-29-37 Amazon's Wheel of Time Is Littered With Red Flags That It Will Not Be Faithful To Books J[...]


    Officially and technically un-ratioed!

    This really is fascinating to watch. I see my little scenario concerning this as a microcosm of this whole WoT situation that may be playing out on larger channels as well.

    Either way, I’m gonna try and go live later this afternoon for a bit to talk about it….gotta get that hair cut first, though.



    Author Brandon Sanderson says he’s been waiting for The Wheel of Time book series to be adapted for a “long time.”
    Now, Sanderson’s hope has finally been realized with Friday’s premiere of the Amazon Prime Video eponymous TV series, created by Rafe Judkins and starring Rosamund Pike. The first three episodes are available now.
    Fans of the epic fantasy have also been (im)patiently waiting since the first book, The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan, was published in 1990. The series begins with Moiraine Damodred (played by Pike in the show) and Lan Mandragoran (Daniel Henney) taking a group of five young people on a quest after their village is attacked, in a world threatened by the Dark One. Moiraine believes one of them is the Dragon Reborn, the person destined to save the world — but also break it.

    After Jordan’s death at age 58 in 2007, Sanderson was asked to finish the 14-volume series, which he did in 2013. (Sanderson says being asked to complete the series was both exciting and “terrifying.” “At the time, this was the biggest fantasy series of our time,” he says. “I knew there were millions of fans out there and I was asked to become essentially their stepdad.”)
    The first book alone is more than 700 pages long. By the end of the series, there are a few dozen main characters. But the shear size of the saga hasn’t scared off fans, and Sanderson describes it as “halfway between Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones” because it’s “half political intrigue, half quest fantasy.” So far, more than 90 million books in the series have sold.

    “The big catch-22 of fantasy is people go to the fantasy section for the world building. But they don’t stay for the world building. World building can only do so much,” continues Sanderson, who began reading the series when he was 15 and reread each book before the newest edition in the series was released. “Thirty something years ago, when I picked up The Eye of the World myself … it had the sense of adventure conveyed on the cover. But the reason I read 11 of those books and eventually agreed to finish the series was because I fell in love with the characters.”
    Sanderson is a producer on the show and says he’s spent most of his time reading the script and discussing it with Judkins. He thinks the script is “fantastic” and really likes the cast and crew — including Pike. “She’s great,” he says. “She is both terrifying and inspiring at the same time. Which is exactly what Moiraine should be.”
    The Wheel of Time adaptation has gotten a fair amount of attention due to its massive budget. For the first season, Amazon reportedly spent $10 million per episode, while the first episodes of Game of Thrones cost an eyebrow-raising $6 million at the time, according to GQ. Sanderson believes it’s worth it.

    We knew if Wheel of Time was going to be done right, it would need this kind of budget,” he says. “This is not a series you can just go film in the woods. The setting of the Wheel of Time, it is a world that basically suffered the apocalypse 1,000 years ago and barely survived. Society collapsed and [was] rebuilt over 1,000 years.”
    Sanderson explains that time isn’t linear in the book series, and is instead fashioned like a “wheel.” “People are given second and third and fourth chances,” he says. “You can be reborn and you can try again.”
    Case in point: the Dragon. One thousand years ago, the Dragon, then known as Lews Therin Telamon, saved the world, but at great cost.
    “The book opens 1,000 years later. This soul is going to get another chance, this person that is the Dragon, to do it again, but maybe do it right this time,” Sanderson says. “And you don’t know who it is. You don’t know how it’s going to play out. But you know that they kind of failed once and this is their second chance. One of the big questions of the series is: Who is the Dragon? Who is the Dragon Reborn? And what is their story going to be?”

    When Lews Therin Telamon was alive, both men and women could use magic, known as the One Power. Ten centuries later, women are the only ones who can wield it without going insane.
    “There’s this power dynamic where a lot of the rulers and a lot of the people in power — because of the magic — are women,” says Sanderson. “This creates a very interesting, different world from our own. It is treated very delicately, at least in the books, for the time. It was an extremely progressive series.”
    Moiraine is one of these women who can “channel” the One Power. She’s part of a powerful order called the Aes Sedai, which is searching for the Dragon, the reincarnation of Lews Therin Telamon, in order to save the world from the Dark One.

    In the beginning of the book series, readers “aren’t sure why Moiraine is there hunting the Dragon Reborn,” says Sanderson.
    “Moiraine walking that line between noble threat, but still threat, and mentor figure, is just one of the huge selling points of the series,” he says. “She is probably the singular most interesting character in the entire series because it’s not cut and dry. She keeps her motivations close to her heart — and they are complicated. She is the driving force behind everything happening in this series. And that’s the question: Is Moiraine here to help us or hurt us?”
    The young people who follow her from their village of Emond’s Field — Rand al’Thor, Egwene al’Vere, Perrin Aybara, Nynaeve al’Meara and Matrim Cauthon — each will have their own battles to face throughout their long journey.

    One of them hates the outside world and does not want anything to do with it. She is only there to try to get her friends all back safe, home, where they belong,” says Sanderson. “Others are finding this a wild adventure, everything they dreamed. Others are terrified. Others don’t know what to think.”
    “And that dynamic kind of represents the way that all of us feel growing up, right?” he continues. “It’s an adventure, it’s excitement, but home is safe. And yet, we know we can never quite go home again.”
    The first three episodes of The Wheel of Time are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.






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