Someone needs to make a Deadpool Anime

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    I want a Deadpool anime where Deadpool goes around doing crazy anime things and walks into other animes like Pokemon then he shoots Ash Ketchum in the leg and steals all of his Pokemon and we see Deadpool show up in Dragon Ball Z then manages to kill everyone there.

    Then we see Deadpool mess up an anime movie like My Neighbour Totoro where we see him ride Totoro or something then he crashes the cat bus into a dog show or  something lol 😂😀

    Deadpool is perfect for anime, I don’t know why he hasn’t gotten one yet?

    Or Deadpool gets his own Gundam and he pilots one while drunk or something?

    I just know there is possible some Japanese animator reading my comment right now in Japan and is like…..that sounds like a good idea.


    No!! Poor Ash 😿

    Deadpool doesn’t have his own anime, but he might get one, he already has his own manga Deadpool Samurai

    And even though he doesn’t have his own anime yet he does appear in a couple of Avengers anime :3 Future Avengers and Marvel Disk Wars



    Ash deserved it…he tortures animals by going Michael Vick on them for badges on a regular basis. Deadpool is doing Pikachu and all of Ash’s other Pokemon a favour by shooting Ash in the leg and stealing all his Pokemon to release them.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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