Someone on this website thought I was the real Jeremy?

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    So a day ago or so I get a message in my inbox on this website from some random person I am not gonna say who this person is as this person has a right to their own privacy but the situation was interesting so I have to tell the story anyways.

    So some person sends me a private message here and thought I was the real Jeremy as in Jeremy Griggs aka Jeremy Prime who owns the Geeks and Gamers website because they saw my account name here which is Megazord Jeremy.

    And I got to say to this is… is kinda strange.

    Like why would Jeremy Prime on his own website call himself Megazord Jeremy?

    Jeremy was born in 1979 and Gen X…..most people from this group don’t know what a Megazord even is?

    Power Rangers came out in 1992 when Jeremy was 13 years old, at that age in the 1990s, most Gen X teens would be out looking to cause trouble, get high, or do anything that isn’t related to Power Rangers.

    Jeremy probably has no idea what a Power Ranger even is or even cares for the franchise….he grew up with a childhood that consisted of G.I. Joe, TMNT, He-Man, 2 original Star Wars movies, E.T. and other iconic 1980s pop culture stuff…

    ……Power Rangers would be second rate to him as a 13 year old in 1992 because he would’ve been treated to so many cool 1980s things already.

    I keep thinking the only interaction Jeremy would have with Power Rangers would be him just coming down the stairs of his childhood home in 1992 somewhere in the USA of that time and be walking into the living room of his house where Jeremy’s hypothetical younger brother we’ll call Carl would be sitting on the couch watching Power Rangers.

    Jeremy would see Carl who would be like a few years younger than Jeremy just watching a show with some multi coloured spandex superheroes fighting some weird looking rubber suited monsters.

    Then Jeremy would ask Carl what he was watching and why Carl was so excited?

    Carl would say he was watching Power Rangers then 13 year old Jeremy would start pointing at the TV screen and laughing seeing how stupid and silly Power Rangers looked in their different coloured spandex suits to his 13 year old mind.

    Then Carl would tell Jeremy to quit making funny of Power Rangers and Jeremy would tell Carl that if he wanted to see real heroes that Carl should watch G.I. Joe because they didn’t look as silly as the Power Rangers.

    Then Carl and Jeremy would argue about what was cooler Power Rangers or G.I. Joe then a scene in Power Rangers would cut to the Power Rangers unmorphed then Jeremy would see Kimberly in her civilian form and be like “Dang Carl Power Rangers may look lame and stupid to me but that Pink Ranger is kinda hot.”

    Then Jeremy would walk into the kitchen have breakfast and Carl would just look angry at Jeremy then go back to watching Power Rangers.

    If Jeremy was gonna name himself after a franchise it wouldn’t be Power Rangers because he wouldn’t be familiar with it as he didn’t grow up with it unlike me and in fact Jeremy named himself ddaycobra which is G.I. Joe related which is logically something he grew up with in the 1980s.

    I don’t think there are many Power Rangers fans that are Jeremy’s current age or from his generation except for maybe people born in 1983 and 1984 because people born in these two years in the 1980s would be the only Gen X people young enough to love Power Rangers and not see it as stupid.

    Most Power Rangers fans are more likely millennials like me who born in the mid 1980s to late 1990s and even some Gen Z people born in the early 2000s to mid 2010s.

    Because Power Rangers was a big part of the 1990s and early 2000s. Also I don’t think any kids these days in the 2020s watch Power Rangers, cause at this point there are so many other shows to watch along with videogames to play that Power Rangers is more an after thought for the kids of this current woke generation.

    I guarantee that most people who even buy Power Rangers stuff now in stores are age 20 to 35 because Power Rangers was cooler during our childhoods.

    I’m getting off track with all my talk about me no being Jeremy who runs Geeks and Gamers. But it is funny how if you create a random Jeremy fan account like mine or Proper Jeremy, Spartan Jeremy, Mirror Jeremy, or anything like that, random people on the internet will actually think you’re the real Jeremy Prime just by seeing Jeremy in your account name who there can never be truly copied as Jeremy Griggs is true one of kind type of dude.

    So any other Jeremy accounts here on this website besides mine and if so have you guys ever experienced something like this?


      Ok I am older than Jeremy and I know what Mega is and most PR’s in passing, I had Nephews, Nieces and friends kids that watched them all the time as did mine when they got older…. I also know what Barnie is and have shot his video’s burned multiple likeness’s of him and even used a large amount of Tannerite on him.

      I even know about stuff my parents had growing up. Lone Ranger especially on the radio was awesome. Burns and Allen great humor. And Pinky and The Brains I still enjoy. This is a website full of overgrew kids in some respects. Heck my name people think relates to a horse…. Um 1965 Shelby GT350R, 271 HP, 289 cubic-inch V8, in White with the Blue stripe. My Baby rip.


        LMAO that’s hilarious


          Heck my name people think relates to a horse…. Um 1965 Shelby GT350R, 271 HP, 289 cubic-inch V8, in White with the Blue stripe. My Baby rip.

          😂😂 @Mustangride1

          What normies think of hearing mustang:


          What car enthusiast think of hearing mustang:


          What i think of hearing mustang:

          roy mustang



          This is awesome and unexpected, I have Jeremy Prime himself commenting on my thread, this makes me just as happy as the time Jeremy Prime said and I quote

          “I love the Megazord Jeremy account by the way.” Followed by some laughing 😆

          Megazord Jeremy is happy now 😀


          Well deserved.

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