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    I  write and record songs and sometimes make videos.

    I’m not a very good vocalist and a pretty much sort of average musician.

    I play, ‘sing’ and record everything myself at home.

    Anyway, here’s a list of links to my efforts:

    Music available:


    Hey man, i think this stuff is pretty good.
    I do like how your songs are somewhat melodic in tone.

    Now,…for just a bit of criticism.

    Im in no way saying you are bad, hey you have the courage to sing and record it, thats more than i could ever do. But your voice needs….ooomph.
    Its a bit monotone. See who you can speak to about giving that a bit of polish, and youll be on your way.
    As i said im not trying to be negative…just offering constructive critism from my opinion.
    Keep it up….youre doing well.


    Thanks for the comment and for listening. Yes my singing is is a bit ‘rough’. I am not a singer in any way ( as you rightly point out) and

    as I don’t know any singers, my only choice was to make everyone suffer my vocal inharmoniousness .

    Due to a leg injury, I am pretty much housebound and lacking employment so lessons are not possible. and lacking any communications

    with other people means I am stuck with trying to do it by myself but I shall endeavour to improve my singing for my next ‘album’.

    Again, thank very for your comments, any sort of constructive criticism is very welcome.


    You can always put your voice through a machine…
    Others have done it and look what happens. Keep listening to others work, and practice yourself…it will all fall into place.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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