Sonic Freedom Netflix series pitch

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    Wow. That’s a big grab. Gratz!

    But you’re missing Kira from Gundam SEED/Destiny in the role collection there! heh.

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      Wow! Congrats @WitheyBD on getting your first dream casting for Sonic Prime

      And congrats to Yuri on landing the role of Sonic 🦔


      After some more auditions here are some more voice actors that will be in the show Erica Mendez

      Erica Mendez will be Tails’ new voice actressMae Whitman

      Mae Whitman will be voicing Princess Sally


      Another writer we managed to grab is a man named Justin Peniston


      he’s worked on a lot of different comics and graphic novels


      I am so sorry I’ve been inactive for so long but I would like you guys to meet someone


      Introducing…Cynthia the Moth Cynthia is a brand new character that we will be introducing into the show the artwork you see above was made by long time Sonic artist Yuji Uekawa so I had no involvement in the creation of this character in case your curious she is the very first transgender Sonic character which I have a feeling might stir up a bit of controversy on Twitter but in my defense the idea to make her trans was Netflix’s idea and in the show itself she’s not just there just to check a box with the help Ian Flynn she actually has a very sad backstory that I won’t get super into since it’s spoiler territory


      Of course this is not a deal breaker for me, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sad they are stuffing this in there. I totally understand you gotta play the politics game to keep the project going, but…eh…the redemption might be in the fact you say there is some actual story to this, but screw Netflix for shtupping this in there and threatening to ruin the purity of this awesome project.

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        Cynthia the Moth, be a great character, have a great story, and i will love you as much as i love Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, Tails, ecc.

        And if the fact she’s trans plays a part in her sad backstory, as long as it’s not used to shove it down people’s throats, you’ll still have an emotional backstory to connect you to the charactter

        Anyway, @WitheyBD, if you want to do some research for writing Cynthia the Moth’s character without virtue signalling, Negative Man in Doom Patrol is a good example of that, he’s gay, it’s a part of his story/character, but he’s not just a token screaming and reeeeing “i’m gay”

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        that was kind of my intention with the character when Netflix pitched the character I wasn’t super excited but Ian Flynn one of our writers saw a lot of potential in the character and fleshing him out him being trans is honestly not as big of a deal in the show itself the best way I can describe him is he not a trans character but rather a character that just so happens to be trans adding a new character to an already existing IP is always a big gamble i’m not gonna be all like “Respect his pronouns” or any BS like that but just…try to go in with an open mind


        One of the artists from Netflix made a really cool thumbnail/logo for the show unnamed

        I love it but what do you guys think of it?


        Cool concept, but Sally’s face looks a little…off. I feel like it’s too wide.


        @Roas you know how you said awhile back how you wanted to be a sounding board for Sonic Prime well…i’ve got some bad news for you the music and OST for Sonic Prime it will be done by… unnamed

        Jun Senoue he’s done music for Sonic Adventure and Adventure 2 for the Dreamcast, Sonic ’06, Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Forces, and most recently Team Sonic Racing so needless to say he knows his shit when it comes to Sonic music and…

        unnamed (1)

        Tee Lopes he has done music for Sonic Mania and has done remixes of Sonic music and his YouTube channel shameless plug here:

        sorry man

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          I have Sonic Unleashed on PS3 and I love the soundtrack

          Also, Jun’s Sonic guitar is so cool 🦔


          @WitheyBD  Um, I don’t know why you think I’d be upset? When I offered myself as a sounding board, it was simply to be there as someone if you needed to work out an idea. That’s what a sounding board means to me, just someone to talk to if necessary to work through ideas outloud. I never expected to be anything more than that. I’ve never even heard this dude’s scores, but he clearly has Sonic experience, so I don’t know why I’d be unhappy.

          This is your party, my friend. I’m not really here to tell you or anyone else involved what to do. I’m just glad it’s happening and that I’m at the ground floor to enjoy the revival of the Sonic Universe I always loved.


          Have some concept art and a big announcement

          Here’s some concept art for Tails unlike in SATAM and in Sonic Forces Tails actually does shit in this show and just being all like “Ah Sonic help me.” Tails


          2.Shadow the Hedgehog will be…in season 2 of Sonic Freedom this was a decision made by SEGA unfortunately all of season 1 has been written but I will write in a post credit scene at the end of season 1 teasing him these two videos are what I’m going to use for Shadow’s portrayal

          Shadow is NOT an edgelord:

          Shadow in the comics:

          Metal Sonic vs ShadowSonic vs Shadow


          After many phone calls and Zoom meetings later this is Sonic Freedom’s writers staff

          Me-Head writer and Creative Consultant


          Shiro Maekawa-Was the writer behind Sonic Adventure 1, 2, and Sonic and the Black Knight


          Ian Flynn-Ian has written the Sonic comic’s for almost a decade now and is essentially a walking talking Sonic wikiDrew_Karpyshyn_-_Lucca_Comics_&_Games_2014

          Drew Karpyshyn-Wrote my favorite Star Wars novels the Darth Bane trilogy he was also the head writer for both KOTOR and Mass Effectii7n7ozu3z351

          Alex Hirsch-After working on Disney’s Gravity Falls he decided to work for Netflix on his own show he hasn’t given much detail about his show but he has offered to help me with Sonic Freedom a39649b5-b63c-4e31-9183-1a8f1093d36d-large16x9_GettyImages453631854Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino-Created and wrote Avatar the Last Airbender and Korra and despite what some clickbait articles may say there is no bad blood between them and Netflix they were just un happy with the direction of the Avatar live action remake so I decided to hit them up and now they are part of the Sonic Freedom’s writers staff 2013232

          Greg Weisman-Greg Weisman is an American writer of comic books, animation and novels and a producer of television shows, as well as a voice actor. He is perhaps best known for the animated series Gargoyles, The Spectacular Spider-Man and Young Justice. He was a bit of a pain in the ass to convince but my agent and I managed to do it

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