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    I’ve been picking up a few of the graphic novels of the new Sonic the Hedgehog series from IDW comics, and I have to say I quite like it so far. The artwork is beautiful, and the storylines range from “good” to “great.” The Metal Virus/ZomBot arc has been pretty enjoyable so far. A “zombie apocalypse” story isn’t something I expected from Sonic, but Ian Flynn (lead writer) has found a way to make it work (it’s kinda dark, but not grimdark, if you get my meaning). The characters, both old and new, are greatly realized: Eggman is somewhat comical, but still menacing. Amy still adores Sonic, but isn’t an over-bearing fangirl and quite a courageous leader. Plus, new characters like Tangle, Whisper and Dr. Starline are fun additions and have great designs. Overall, I think it’s a fine series that will be enjoyed by old and new fans alike. I quite look forward to seeing what comes in the future.




    One of the few American comics that hasn’t been ruined by identity politics. When I was younger I used to collect the Sonic Archie comics I’ve been trying to get back into Sonic thanks to the movie and Mania I wasn’t the biggest fan of the IDW comics at first but when the Metal Sonic stuff hit i’m not gonna lie I was pretty hooked and the Metal Virus arc well, what can I say about it that you haven’t already said each Sonic character has been pushed to there absolute limits and all the new characters feel natural and well written and not taking the place of well established charactersSTH01_01_cvrASTH04_cvrASonic-Annual-2019


    I haven’t done Sonic comics since way back in the day when Sonic was still rolling with Princess Sally and the other Freedom Fighters. The little kid in me has always wanted more of that Sonic rather than what we started getting in the 2000s. Never was really a fan. Still, I don’t have a budget for comics these days, and I’m loath to give anything to any mainstream companies.

    I will say that page featuring Mecha Sonic looks pretty good. Always wanted that kinda thing to go down way back when.


    When Neo Metal Sonic turned super with the Master Emerald I got massive Mario Bros Z flashbackssuper_neo_metal_sonic_by_cybervader311_dd76a6b-fullviewbattle_08___mecha_sonic_vs_axem_rangers_x_by_xxbrawlstudiosxx_d87rs9o-fullview


    I never got into Sonic.

    I heard of the games/comics, but never went into it.

    I did get the Movie DVD with Jim Carrey, which I have yet to see.



    I actually wrote a review for the opening 4 issues of this series a couple of years back. It’s remained mostly solid and feels a lot more Sonic than the Archie Comics series eventually got (though the reboot in their final few years was actually quite good). Unfortunately for them, IDW is in a major financial crisis and this series is not going to save it.


    REVIEW: Sonic the Hedgehog #1-4 by IDW

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