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      Take 2 games made with opposite philosphies, release them with in a month of each other and watch as people from both sides rush to support “their team”, resulting in both games having massive sales and making them even more money than they would have anyway.
      Sony played everyone and no one realizes it. haha.

      In attempt to prove “their side” is the best side, everyone just threw money at Sony, which doesnt give a fuck why people are giving the money. As long as they give it. haha

      Not hating on Ghost of Tsushima but, lets be real, the only reason it’s in the discussion is because Sony released it right after TLOU2 (It would have been a Days Gone level success under normal circumstances). They played everyone like a fiddle and it worked gloriously. Look for them to continue the trend.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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