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    We are only about 2 months away from release and have no clue on what the price of this thing will be. But recent developments with the announcement of the prices for the 2 Xbox models has me very curious to see what the play is here for Sony. Phil Spencer has said in interviews that he has been given the green light to undercut the PS5’s price when it is announced. However, they jumped the gun and announced that they have both a $300 console and a $500 console. So does that mean we are potentially looking at a $600 console, given what Spencer said about undercutting the price? I have seen reports that the production cost of the PS5 could be as high as $450. If they plan on selling at a profit like they did with the PS4, we are looking at a minimum of $500. I think it is more likely it will be closer to $600, unless Sony wants to use the console as a loss leader. What are your thoughts on this?


    Keep in mind we have a standard PS5 model and a digital only model.  Plus there are all those unnecessary accessories that can go with either.  Best guestimate between everything, $550 for digital only, $600 for standard disc model, and $750 for standard plus bullshit accessories.  I don’t know, supposedly we’re getting some announcement on 9/16, we’ll probably find out then.


    ps5 prices

    Both flagship consoles (PS5 and XBox Series X) cost the same and the version of the PS5 without an optical drive costs only $399! This is good for gaming.


    Get back to me when the slim model comes out, and it’s at a lower price, too.


    The slim models have traditionally not been backwards-compatible and the price doesn’t tend to change much with time for the new console unless you buy a used one, and the price is already lower than a higher-end graphics card!


    I wish someone from Playstation could officially and clearly confirm the backwards compatibility, specially in terms of physical games (discs).

    I have many physical games that I still want to keep playing (witcher, fallout, and even cyberpunk 2077 I will have the physical version), so if I can’t play them in the ps5, I won’t buy it this soon then.


    Well Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is also coming to Ps4(As well as Horizon Forbidden West), so they took away my need to get a Ps5 for now, at least until Gran Turismo 7 comes out.


    I don’t think the PS4 version will look much like what they showed though with all that ray tracing.


    True, but it does save me $500 for the only game I’m interested in at launch.

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