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    Squid Game is more or less Hunger Games, Kill Bill, and Battle Royale rolled into one. “Hundreds of cash-strapped players accept a strange invitation to compete in children’s games,” according to the Netflix description. “Inside, a tempting prize awaits – with deadly high stakes.” They do not hold back on the “deadly stakes” description either. 456 broke “players” are invited to compete for a pot of 45.6 billion won (roughly $38.5 Million USD). The trailer gives you a brief taste of what to expect; viewer discretion is advised:


    Netflix’s Squid Game is Catching Fire

    TheQuartering video. It’s like a debtor’s prison.

    It was powerful. If “they” don’t like it “they” should stay away from the Running Man, the Long Walk, and all of the Hunger Games.

    Amazing Show. I am from India, so culturally we are very different from Korea, however the story connects on a human level no matter where you are from. its a easy 8/10 Show. Not the best ever, but pretty damn good.


    Matt Walsh video. More my point of few. I was never a Tarantino fan. Not so much a Horror fan either, except that I like low budget creativity.
    Blood and Gore is not really my thing, except in cases where it’s just part of the story.


    Squid game: great, relatable, human characters. Great development. Heartbreaking moments of love, sadness and betrayal. An outlook on the horrible circumstances that society can put people in.

    This guy: torture porn

    The “thrill” doesn’t come from the gore, it comes from the tension given the life/death high stakes in the games and watching the characters have to strategize to survive. You don’t know who’s going to live and die, and in each scenario, you almost project yourself into the characters POV and empathize with them and try to imagine how you’d escape. I think the fact that you’re in the subjective mindset of the characters disproves the whole “torture porn” thing, where that would imply you’re mentally objectifying them.

    This is the classic impasse:
    You cannot criticize something you have not consumed.
    But how then would you abstain or prevent anyone from doing something negative?
    This reminds me of the right’s anti-DnD phase… but on the other hand, if you’re against it on principle you really don’t have to taste-test it.

    The most level headed opinion about this series I’ve heard this far. It’s all programming, Hollywood knows what humans refuse to believe about themselves. To be entertained by death is exposing the darkness and hatred inside many. This series IMO seems like nothing more than a psychopaths “wet dream”. Look at what these types are doing to our society as we speak, they expect soon that “you will own nothing and you will be happy.”

    And as they sit back and watch US watch squid game and enjoy it…., I’m sure they just think that all of us are no better than dogs who don’t mind being on a leash and owned by them. I mean, who else would enjoy watching people play innocent games while their masters blow their heads off, but masochists and sadists?


    Everybody Dies: Why is Brutal, Bloody, Korean, ‘Squid Game’ the ‘Biggest Show Ever’ on Netflix?
    Bill Whittle
    Squid Game is the top-rated show on Netflix, and a network exec calls it the ‘biggest show ever’. What’s the appeal to American audiences of this brutal, bloody, Korean-language (with subtitles) series where virtually everybody dies?

    What I saw of the show, I liked. I liked the actor, and his family. However, gratuitous bloody stuff is why I stopped watching movies in general. I just had bad taste. The American stuff like this was sick and made me leave.


    Quartering says media trying to spin that show is about Trump?


    The Symbolism Behind Squid Game

    Paul Joseph Watson

    Revelation of the method.

    Squid Game is also a nail in the coffin of Hollywood, which is gone full throttle woke. Korean cinema is on a whole other level compared.

    Much easier to watch another TV show assuming it’s fiction, than face same exact scenario, only happening In real life. Rich got 900 million richer by showing the masses how they would and will treat them

    Okay, wasn’t expecting this. But really says alot that Eastern media is kicking Western media’s asses. Manga and Anime vastly outsells American Comics and Cartoons, several anime films manage to reach ludicrous heights in terms of box office and the most popular show on Netflix is a Korean series.


    Squid Game EXPLAINED & Nightmare on Elm Street! Spooktober! Jay & Jamie

    Jay Dyer

    Tonight we cover the much-requested Squid Game series from Netflix, its meaning and symbolism, the deeper components of economics and social order and elitism, as well as the propaganda elements, and my reaction and review to the first three Nightmare on Elm Streets, which I had never seen (except for part 1).
    1:00:03 Squid game


    Concept is not really new yea, it’s really is similar also to Liar Game manga which is really good. There is also a japanese tv drama, but I dunno how good it is. It is also about people in huge debt go into games to play to win money, but games are not really brutal, people still give up their lives, but not brutally killed, its more mind games. I would say they just mixed japanese Battle Royale and Liar Game.


    ‘Squid Game’ is MOIST! A Mini-Review (MINOR SPOILERS)

    Nerdrotic Daily

    This is a clip from “Friday Night Tights” which aired 2021/10/15


    NY Nadia
    SG and Psy of elite


    Squid Game Creator DEMOLISHES Lebron James For His Low IQ Take!





    i’m still on episode 3… it’s good.

    But “money heist” (La casa de papel) had also a decent 1st season and now is completely unwatchable pure garbage lol so I dunno about the next seasons of Squid Game, but so far so good, it’s entertaining…


      2 words…

      fck Netflix…


      SQUID GAME: Episode 1 Discussion w/Robert Meyer Burnett.




      If you’re a fan wanting to express your devotion to the hit Korean Netflix show Squid Game – well, there’s a cryptocurrency for that.

      Squid, which was trading around 1 cent on Tuesday, reached $2.34 (£1.70) on Friday – a more than twenty-fold jump.

      The dystopian series – which tells the story of a group of people forced to play deadly children’s games for money – has become a viral sensation.

      Squid is what is known as a “play-to-earn” cryptocurrency, where people buy tokens to play in online games where they can earn more tokens. These can then be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money.

      In the case of Squid, many buyers will be gamers looking to play in an online game of the program, which begins in November.

      “The more people join, the larger reward pool will be (sic),” according to the platform’s whitepaper, which says developers will take 10% of the entry fee with the remaining 90% given to the winner.

      “More importantly, we do not provide deadly consequences apparently!”

      Individual rounds have costs to join – for example, playing Round 1: Red Light, Green Light will cost a player 456 Squid – with six rounds in total that get more expensive as they go along.

      “This cryptocurrency joins a long and growing list of digital coins and tokens that piggyback on random memes or cultural phenomena,” Cornell University economist Eswar Prasad told the BBC.

      “Remarkably, many such coins rapidly catch investors’ fancy, leading to wildly inflated valuations. Naïve retail investors who get caught up in such speculative frenzies face the risk of substantial losses.”
      Play-to-earn games: the future of gaming?

      Play-to-earn games have grown increasingly popular during the pandemic as the surge in online gaming encouraged the development of the GameFi technology sector which combines entertainment with real tool

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