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    Coming this september 😁🛸🌸


    Times change and anime and manga are big right now among the youth. More power to them but it’s after my time. I loved RoboTech and Akira and maybe like Voltron or something like that, but manga and anime are after my time. Star Wars was so amazing, the first three movies. Fun to re-visit. I really wish they had better writers these days. Some of you have read all the books, so I’m sure there is some good material out there that I am missing. As for Star Wars, it needs some kind of deep dive. I liked the Holocron concept. Also, I think they could do more with Jedi. Such as Jedi are needed versus overwhelming imperial tech or that Jedi are highly requested by liberty/freedom peoples for Jedi spiritual and psychic abilities or something. I read one comment on here about the books that said they had some space cartels that he wished they wrote more about. That was something that was really well done in Dune, which was the spice trade and how all wanted that mind drug. Also, I think Dune did a much better job on their gholas than SW did with the clones.


    It does look good 😍! I’ve been saying for a while that Star Wars would’ve made a good animi since the Japanese do like their sci-fi stuff. I could also name other franchises that would look great in animi form such as Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings (now THEM I’d certainly watch in animi format😍).


    Star Wars Story group, rip out your dark, withered hearts and ate them!

    Now they could learn a thing or two about proper storytelling. But we all jnow they never learn.

    Come September, the Visions will be released, they’ll receive good praises and they’ll turn to Twitter to complain abd throw shade.


    too early to tell… but it does look good.

    Japan to the rescue of real entertainment. =)


    It’s not the first time there’s Japanese-based Star Wars materiel (plenty of Star Wars manga has been released there over the years). I mean, most of the Japanese are generally not interested in anything that comes from overseas, but Star Wars did draw inspiration from one of Akira Kurosawa’s films, lightsaber duels are reminiscent of samurai battles and the Jedi philosophy resembles a number of Far-Eastern religions. So, yeah, it’s fairly popular over there.

    I have a feeling this will just be an anthology movie of short stories, nothing special. But it’s pretty clear why they’re doing this. Anime is big right now. The most popular it’s ever been. And a contributing reason why is because Western entertainment has fallen down the gutter. I mean, hasn’t Demon Slayer outsold the entire Marvel comics industry? That’s pretty huge.

    Of course, what I don’t expect them to get is the heart and soul of anime. If this is successful we’ll probably get more “western anime” where the look is adopted, but otherwise still devoid of proper morality which makes most western media of today so vacuous.



    Holy shit! Boba Fett’s gonna be in an anime 🤩🤩🤩




    This could be really, really good. They should get Japanese writers for Jedi/Sith stories as well. I enjoyed Ahsoka in Clone Wars and I enjoyed REBELS a bunch using that Pixar tech. If they can refine a good Japanese Anime team, there is vast potential and, let’s be honest, this is a GREAT move to add to Star Wars. Star Wars has always done a great job at merchandising and this is another vehicle and avenue to showcase Star Wars. Japanese writers would do a great job with The Force, as they could put in elements of Zen Buddhism and Bushido concepts into The Force. They could make their Jedi have a “spiritual wind” which is something they believe in, in the case, the “spiritual wind being The Force.

    It adds yet another tool to the Star Wars arsenal. Hope it’s done well.


    Trailer looks absolutely…amazing! Would love to see about getting it on blue-ray when it eventually comes out over here but the UK distribution rights for animi are crap. Having said that, maybe not since they’re going to show it on D+? Either way, it looks amazing! I bet Disney are probably angry because they’re not behind this at all.

    Now I’m going to wait for some Sith Lord to have a “Final Form” and have half a dozen Deathsticks appear from nowhere lol!


    It will be good, and looks good, because Disney/Lucasfilm didn’t actually make any of this.


    It may or may not work, depending on quality, but Star Wars animation has been good in the past. There is also anime for X-men and BladeRunner. I remember liking AniMatrix a lot. That was a big one. People here kind of mocked DC for trying to do Manga comics. It’s all in the execution. Even if the west tries and fails, what I like to see is the ability to Adapt and Evolve with the changing times to try and reach more fans and news fans. I like the striving and yearning aspect of it.

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    Ha. I guess I didn’t even watch the trailer. “It’s the story of twins on the Dark Side.” So, they inverted Luke and Leia. Brilliant!

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    Force-tripping. One funny comment said using the force to tie someone’s shoe laces together. Then, we get yet another high school level lecture by a diversity hire. Wokeism is so bad that I might want Star Wars to just be handed over to the Japanese. Anything to get good writing and stories.



    At this point in time, I think it’s best to hand over ANY Western franchise over to the Japanese. Can you imagine what they’d do to ‘Lord of the Rings’???? The sword fights would be EPIC under the Japanese.

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