Star Wars open world game I’m really looking forward to it💚💙

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    I’m the Greek God Apollo and I’ll be one happy Greek God if this open world Star Wars game adds twi’lek women ohhh hell yeah ! People told me a Star Wars open world game wouldn’t happen we’ll it’s happening what I’ve dream of in million years of my life time as a Greek God but I’m HYPEEEE !


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    I am hesitant to get all excited and happy over this for a couple of reasons.

    1) This game’s success depends heavily on its era. If they are dumb enough to put it in this High Republic dumpster fire….no thanks. Old Republic, sure…but I always have SWTOR for that if I get the itch. Now, of course an obvious choice is Mando time period, but why in the hell would anyone wanna play a game in a world where all roads still lead to the Disney Trilogy? There is still no evidence that they are breaking off course from that, and part of playing any open world game is losing yourself in it, becoming a part of it, because these days such games usually are a “Choices Matter” scenario.

    I just met Luke Skywalker and helped him out on a mission that altered the game’s world….too bad he’s still gonna be Jake Skywalker…immersion ruined.

    Now, as an EU guy, clearly I’m gonna be biased, cuz I’d rather play a game in that Universe where there is actually room to do stuff and feel like you are in a part of Star Wars, add into the fact that I don’t like Mando either, and I’m clearly not a target audience.


    2) I’d be wary of anything coming out of Ubisoft going forward. I’ve got a friend who is diehard for them. Loves it, but I keep reminding him of how easily these days Ubisoft bends the knee. The execs across the company may very well be SJW friendly, which means anything we get out of them could be SJW woke trash. They have a built in ready to sell to audience that will hear “Open World Star Wars game from guys who make Assassin’s Creed! Sweet, sign me up!” with no questions asked. It’s a TLOU2 possibility all over again where people will expect one thing and get another.


    So I’d be wary of anything coming out of Lucasfilm games, because the landscape of how and why things get done these days does not favor the anti-woke perspective of just wanting escapism.

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    Open game world? Could be awesome. The rat will fuck it up.
    I dont trust Ubi in the least.
    I dont trust anyone who is working for Krazy KK except Faverou and frankly he wont touch video games cause tv / film makes more profit for the director.

    So hey if it somehow manaes not to be shit Ill look into it. A good year after release. When I can get a used copy for half price. When all of the day 1 bugs and CP77 shit is fixed.


    my dream game for starwars would be a fighting game focused on lightsaber combat, that would be awesome, EA had no experience creating fighting games but now that exclusivity is over, the door is open, i also think that getting a fighting game in the near future is inevitable because thats the only genre they haven’t done in the last like 16 years, with the open world game announcement they have hit every other possible game demographic except fighting games so their gonna wanna cash in on that market, the question is would they do a lazy 2d fighter like power rangers battle for the grid just to get some quick easy money from fighting game fans, or will they put effort and time into the game and make something unique. my dream for a star wars fighting game would be one heavily inspired by for honors combat system

    another type of game id like to see is a small scale tactic fps, like rainbow 6 or cod maybe


    ME TOO!! I  LOVE open world games! I really hope it’s as good as I think it will be. Hopefully Ubisoft doesn’t pull the same shenanigans they did with all that AC drama.


    Just wondering if you played SW:Fallen Order? There was very little SJW stuff in that game, although I might have missed stuff because of all the bugs lol


    Ghost recon mix with Assassin’s creed Star Wars would be awesome 😎


    Yea all the NPCs with more than one line of dialogue except the pilot being female was just a coincidence.
    The game was playable once the bugs were fixed but the story was kind of trite.


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Team open world games 😎🤘</p>


    Just pray the devs has as much respect as the people that did Fallen Order.


    Boba’s Creed!


    For me, Fallen Order is probably the best Star Wars content up there with Revenge of the Sith and Empire Strikes Back. Those are the only Star Wars content I can say I really really enjoy. So I do believe it’s possible to pull off a good game.


    i think fallen order is overrated. the end of the game was epic but the rest was boring, every mission was an extremely long fetch quest, and i felt like i was doing more parkour than fighting, and you spend more time killing bugs than storm troopers. the last hour and a half was epic but it doesnt make up for the first 15 hours of crap so i’m glad i played it for free. force unleashed was way better


    All of the games pre rat were better games than the things that have been produced by EA.

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