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    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Personally i grew up playing X-wing vs TIE fighter and seeing this got me so excited for a good and thorough space combat game. Saying that it is EA soo ill see what they actually do</p>


    I have been looking forward to this.


    Well, lets manage our expectations. I remember several cases with current SW video games, when I was somewhat exited at the start, and the game was meh.

    The best SW game from this era is the Battlefront I.


    well they say it will have vr support and flight stick support too so maybe it will be ok.

    i really liked fallen order so i cant say all the EA star wars games suck anymore.


    Actually, Respawn Entertainment developed it. They are just under the EA umbrella, and they had to fight to make the game they wanted.

    So, everyone is free to still take a dump on EA.


    Not interested in another Star Wars space combat game.

    It doesn’t look like this game brings anything new to the table, and frankly, I’m usually only interested in Star Wars games when Force users are involved.



    Not gonna lie, as soon as it had super whamens everywhere? I lost all interest. I know that sounds petty but like it or loathe it, that’s where I am right now with anything with forced shit. I also realise that I could miss out on the greatest game of all time if it’s marketed to woke trash, cutting off my nose to spite my face.


    My advice is don’t be fooled by EA.

    Look at the game engine. It’s Frostbite, again. EA are using the same game engine they used to make Battlefront 1 and 2. This game engine is 12 years old. EA have just cut the ground battles out of battlefront, slapped a new title on the game and hoped nobody would notice.. EA have now squeezed 3 games out of the same game engine. With updates and players consoles and PC’s being better than what they were 12 years ago, performance and details might be marginally better, but not by much.

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    I noticed that EA are using the same game engine that they used to make battlefront 1 and 2. This game engine ( frostbite ) is now 12 years old. I get the feeling EA have just cut out the ground battles and slapped a new title on the same game and hoped nobody would notice.


    There is nothing new. It uses the same game engine as Battlefront 1 and 2. If you have played the space battles in those games then you have already played Star Wars Squadrons. Typical EA squeezing 3 games out of a 12 year old engine.


    EA are using the same game engine to make Squadrons. So if you liked the space battles in battlefront then you will like the space battles in squadrons. Using a 12 year old game engine to make a new game, typical EA.


    We are in such a backwards world for gaming (and movies, obviously). Imagine a straight up remaster of the X-Wings series, 4k, huge missions, play area etc? You could have huge co-op battles where you are either attacking or defending convoys etc. But no, we get a 10p slice of Battlefront that’ll cost £50 + micro-ass-actions. Fuck EA.


    EA lost me after Battlefield 4 (one of my fave games of all time, and definitely my fave PvP). I stupidly bought BF1, day one, pre-order after that awesome trailer, fucking FUCK EA. As you can tell, I’m still burned by that shit. I didn’t even look at BFV because by then minority disabled whamen were winning all wars.


    Here is a detailed list of studios EA has put in the grave:


    The one on that list that cut me the most was the death of Mythic. I was a Warhammer guy back in the day, so the release of Warhammer: Age of Reckoning MMO was a big deal for me. I went all in on that game. Created a whole new guild that managed to survive the early server purges of the game’s rocky release. Had a seat at the table of the biggest Order Alliance on our server. Tried my damnedest to beat back the Chaos zerg with my allies. But it was all for nothing, because overlord EA did not let Mythic make a better game. The game needed another year in the oven, but EA rushed it out. So the balancing problems and overall broken game mechanics made it impossible to win once the Chaos zerg on our server realized all they had to do was wait until everyone on Order went to bed for the night. The morning I woke up and found Altdorf sacked because we were all sleeping was it for me.


    And even though it is still kicking, Bioware might as well be dead, too. EA has done a marvelous job of neutering what was once a massively creative studio.


    So yeah. Fuck EA.


    I avoided battlefront but got burned by Fallen Order. That game looked ok but it was about as deep as a puddle. Only 5 levels they dared to call planets. Collectables were nothing but crap skins. Who the hell wants to collect over 20 different colours for a freaking poncho!? And there were bugs in there that a 2nd week game tester should have picked up on and the force powers were a bad joke. Lucas Arts were the best of the best in the games industry and as soon as KK takes over she shuts it all down and sells it off to the highest bidder. Yet anothing thing I bet George Lucas is furious about. I would be.

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