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    LucasArts started having problems when Jim Ward left in 2008. Darrell Rodriguez from EA was giving the position of president in April 2008 and that’s when a lot of the scaling down started taking place. He was only there for 2 years but LucasArts wasn’t able to turn things around before Disney bought LucasFilm, which was just the last nail in the coffin.


    Oh how the mighty have fallen :(


    Fallen Order was out just as my kids xbox blew up. The one I bought him came with a digital code for it, I sold it on eBay LOL


    It is super annoying to me. I can’t say these things in other places like FB or reddit otherwise I’ll get blasted out of the sky. What I notice is that there no NO WAMEN making comments or expressing their opinions/joy over this game. Like NONE! It’s all dudes. I don’t want to play as a female. I don’t want “my” voice through the cockpit sounding like a woman. I don’t. The reality is there are MORE MEN FIGHTER PILOTS than women. There are MORE MEN on the front lines of combat. There are MORE MEN who love Star Wars. There are MORE MEN who play video games. ERRRRGGH. I just had to rant and I couldn’t do it anywhere else. God bless G&G!

    Edit: I watched the gameplay trailer again and counted the onscreen representation between men and women characters (did not count aliens). 17 unique women characters to 7 unique men characters.

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    The diversity model doesn’t work well in an OT setting. It is fine with the current sequel era but not around George Lucas’ timeline. He cut women out of the OT fighter pilot scenes (he did film several). I didn’t think Iden Versio worked in Battlefront 2 for this reason.


    respawn is a recent EA acquisition,that’s what EA do,so yes maybe since they are still so new to the relationship they fought harder but EA also had to let something like this happen because of all the problems with loot boxes in battlefront 2 and how big that got and to also appease disney for all the bad press.

    its still under EAs control and no longer an independent studio.


    This alone good or bad will start my VR. for me personally. Next Gen Starts when i get my VR haha.

    Planning on Getting Valve Index VR with the best next gen PC ill ever build. Then PS5 with VR when they announce a bundle for it….mayyyyyyyyyyybe.


    All I want is a Rogue Leader HD Remaster, Aspyr please.


    YES! This x1000!


    It looks woke. Did you see the trailer? They went out of there way to show diversity and female pilots. I skipped a few seconds and it showed a black pilot.




    Looks like the Imperial Remnant is being led by Obama, I mean Sky Marshall Tehat Meru.  I suppose the book/game verse character of  Rae Sloane is a gender flipped version of this character from the EU:



    All in all the game looks dull and there is no character I relate to.

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