Star Wars takes place long long ago…but how long ago?

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    I always wondered why did George Lucas choose to set Star Wars in a setting that apparently takes place long long ago in a galaxy far far away? We as audience members had no idea which galaxy Star Wars takes place in nor how long ago the movies take place in?

    I always wondered is it possible the Humans of the Star Wars universe could possible be the ancestors of us Human on Earth? With the level of technology Star Wars has what is to say that someone in the far far away galaxy that Star Wars takes place in didn’t just use their advance technology to either seed or colonize Earth?

    Like maybe Earth was originally a prison colony just built for Humans who committed crimes in the Star Wars galaxy and were sent here to earth and had their DNA slightly altered so that their decedents couldn’t have the force?

    Just an idea I have for Star Wars, and since Star Wars is a prequel to us Humans on Earth and Star Trek is apparently our future then maybe Star Trek takes place in the same universe as Star Wars but at different points in history?

    There Star Wars is a prequel to not just us but Star Trek too?

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