Star Wars team reveals the next, grim stage of The High Republic prequel initiat

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    Star Wars team reveals the next, grim stage of The High Republic prequel initiative

    It’ll be a while before we see Star Wars back in theaters, but one of the franchise’s more interesting publishing experiments is moving forward next year: The High Republic.

    Considering how poorly their HIGH high republic did… its a ROCK!

    During the 2021 San Diego Comic-Con, Lucasfilm unveiled its next phase of its prequel High Republic series, featuring new books and comics…

    Does anyone think Star Wars fans will buy this?

    Lucasfilm kicked off The High Republic earlier this year with an initial wave of books and comics…

    And look how well that was received.

    Does anyone think it will be better this time?


    No. Is anyone you know talking about The High Republic?

    Is anyone you know talking about the Bad Batch? Star Wars has thrown a lot at fans to see what sticks. I don’t know if even the story lines that I am interested in would work in cinema. They do have options: One option would be Thrawn and his activities, but he is a villain. Same with Vader. Another would be Dr. Aphra, who is not a jedi, but a smart lady and those comics are good, but is every franchise going to sell us out to the east? The one that might actually work is Bounty Hunters. Bounty Hunters and their mentors and their sub-culture and their world. Like many have said about villians and anti-heroes though is where is the good? Where is the moral message?

    It’s great to see other franchises like Asimov’s Foundation and DUNE come to cinema, but the tone is very serious and kind of dark. Does Star Wars want to be exactly the same? The thing that was different about Luke and Han than all these other things is that it seemed like it was fun. There was a fun element to the story and what they were doing on the right side of the force.



    I thought that the only time Star Wars got really dark was on ‘Revenge of the Sith’ especially on the Order 66 scene (I can’t seem to watch that scene without getting my eyes watery because some idiot left an onion in my room😂😅😭). And even more so during Anakin’s burning scene which they’ve cut on TV down here because of it being “too graphic”.


    They should have learned their lesson with the stoned republics failure. Instead they tripled down.


    If at first you don’t succeed, try try again … and force it down your throats until you accept their crap!

    Repeating the same mistakes hoping for a different result shows how out of touch with reality they are.

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