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    Because why not lol




    Solo lost money, reylo’s are weird, fuck Kathleen kennedy


    As long as it’s not Disney Star Wars


    I mean, I kinda been wondering


    anyone think the High Republic will be any good?


    I have no interest in the high republic.


    I really don’t see how the High Republic will be anything other than virtue signalling with dinosaurs, let’s not forget the dinosaurs. By and large I get the feeling that I put more effort into keeping my fan fiction consistent with established canon (episodes 1-6, Clone Wars and the old expanded universe) than Disney have done. They aren’t even consistent with their own material (Poe was a Republic fighter pilot then all of a sudden he was a smuggler).


    The High Republic will definitely be a huge let down. But can it be a let down if you never looked forward to it? Guess it will just be bad. They just need to hand off creative control to Filoni & Favreau and call it a day. And Please will they just do a series on the Old republic. It would be so awesome.


    I am done with Star Wars until Kathleen Kennedy is gone.


    Yeah me neither


    EU (Legends) for people who are just now getting into it like me


    Honestly I think the first wave of High Republic will be trash

    but I think given a change at Lucasfilm

    there will be hope for the era’s future

    maybe I’m too optimistic lol


    I have no faith in Lucasfilm. They need to clean house and hire people who actual care about the franchise.



    The EU is the only non sextet canon.


    Star Wars: The Clone Wars was the last good Star Wars that I have seen. I saw Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 over the summer. The final four episodes were amazing. I have not seen the Mandalorian Season 1 because I do not want to give Lucasfilms and Disney money for Disney Plus. How good is the Mandalorian Season 1? Thoughts.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 37 total)
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