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    Mando season 1 it’s ok it’s not a masterpiece or it’s not perfect but it’s enjoyable star wars. It’s basically a breathe of fresh air after the disney trilogy which I hope you enjoy it.


    Agreed the stoned republic looks bad.


    Absolutely.  I’d love to talk some Star Wars with people, both the good and the bad parts!


    I’m right there with you man. Lucusfilm has not seen a single penny from me since TLJ, and that includes toys and merchandise. It just got to be way too much to ignore. I walked out of that movie actually mad and that is saying something since my wife is always saying how emotionless I am, and how it’s impossible to get a reaction out of me. They achieved the impossible that night.


    Mando season 1

    Worth watching

    I do have mixed feelings about it. But it’s still a good show.


    Amen Brother!


    Prequels are better then the sequels. I have spoken


    From a setting point, it makes NO SENSE to place a story in Star <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Wars</span> at the height of the time of “peace and prosperity of the Republic.” CONFLICT drives story; what conflict could take place that would make this story worth reading?

    On top of that, the character descriptions are garbage writing and is a strong warning to stay away or just waste your time/money.

    Having said all of that, I will likely do a review of it on my YouTube channel when it comes out. *sigh*


    I had the OT on VHS as far back as I can consiously remember, but it’s more the prequels that I grew up with. While I understand the objectively the OT is the best in the story it tells and its character arcs, I have to *subjectively* swear by the prequels. I’m also a fan of much of the EU. Especially lots of Old Republic stuff, the two KOTOR games in particular.

    Disney Trilogy is garbage, however. I hath spoken.


    What’s Disney Star Wars ? do you mean those terrible fan films ? hikes ! Hell no !


    Don’t think so, I mean they don’t know how to do any world building, the sequels proved that and they probably won’t do anything cool with the characters


    Yeah that and until the sequel trilogy is de-canonised, I can’t enjoy anything in the time period knowing it connects to those movies, it sucks, I don’t want to have those feelings towards Star Wars, I’ve loved it since I was a kid and now it hurts me to watch it, how F-ed up is that ?


    you’re definitely right about that, flaws and all. At least I can have fun with the flaws in the prequels, I mean who doesn’t love to say “I don’t like sand” ?


    I am, been buying the books and audiobooks, gives me the Star Wars feels, love it, been reading Jedi Quest books love the relationship development between Anakin and Obi Wan so far


    Sorry but KK is not really my type, but to each is own

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 37 total)
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