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    Ok there is something I’ve always wondered and I want everyones opinion on this, so Anakin/Vader have had 2 apprentices Ashoka and Starkiller, both trained by the same master in different stages of his life so if they were to fight each other who would win in a fight and why ?


    Fan films? You need to be fans in the first place and clearly they are not.




    Hello Big_Bear, thank you for your reply. I have not brought anything from Lucasfilms and Disney since The Last Jedi. The movie was terrible to Luke Skywalker and the story was poorly written. However, what made me quit both Disney and Lucasfilms were their employees attacking customers on Twitter for criticism of their product (The Last Jedi). If they would have acted professionally with their customers then I would have given them a second chance. Nevertheless, they did not show any professionalism at all and as Doomcock from Overlord DVD on YouTube said, “Without respect, we reject”.


    Hello Dave_Nerdlife, thank you for your reply. I would love Disney and/or Lucasfilms to de-canonized the sequel trilogy. Nevertheless, as long as Kennedy and Iger are at Lucasfilms and Disney then I do not see that happening. I think they are going to de-canonized the prequels and the original trilogy before they de-canonized the sequel trilogy. The last thing I watched of Star Wars was the final season of the Clone Wars animated series on a third-party site instead of Disney Plus. Now, I am done with Star Wars and it has nothing to offer me. Until Kennedy and Iger are gone, I will not support anything from Disney and/or Lucasfilms.


    We now have a section just for Star Wars :D

    Star Wars


    Could all the Star Wars threads spread throughout the different forum sections be moved to the new section? Good discussions are already in progress in the movies and books section.

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