StarWars Is Gone for Me

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    I do not care no more about starwars i have not watched movies in a long time nothing more to care about Lucasflim there crap :} i am out of fandom been a fan from 90s


    I hear ya.

    the limp jedi raped the lore so hard the original 6 are hard to watch. That piece of shit should have never been near a film franchise with existing canon.


    Dude, you don’t need to full black pill.

    There is a difference between Real Star Wars and Disney Star Wars. Disney Star Wars is total trash. Toss that away all you want.

    But Real Star Wars is still there to be enjoyed and loved. You simply need to separate the two and understand the differences.

    Dammit I need to finish the big video…


    What is seen cannot be unseen. That bullshit invalidated the entire franchise in 30 seconds of film.


    I don’t view anything from Disney as legitimate Star Wars. Nothing done in these films or shows has any bearing on the George Lucas works. I mean I wouldn’t toss out  my Led Zeppelin albums because Greta Van Fleet suck.


    Well, the only film I would accept as part of George’s canon is Rogue One, as it felt like Star Wars.


    How I see it, is that after Vader had too much “fun” going thru the rebels (like adult swim and the “did you get the tapes”… “oh damn”), that he would let the Storm Troopers do their job when they bordered the fleeing ship.


    Eps 7-8-9 is bad fan films, and solo was just as bad.


    If not for the fact the people doing the Mandalorian says their series will lead into the KK Krap, I would have said it too has that George Lucas feel to it.


    Just a word of advice. I will still watch Lucas’s Star Wars, but view the Disney carp as AU Fan Fics. What they call Legends is the real cannon.


    166242025_10218351026156500_2456879503831182184_ni got books  one to 7   movies do not watch them no more


    Disney’s Star Wars Trilogy was definitely a buzz kill. But I will always love the originals and the prequels. I will forever ignore the Disney trilogy but I do consider Rogue One and Mandalorian an addition to the saga. Even if Mandalorian were to go off the deep end, we could still enjoy seasons 1 and 2. I think the season 2 finale ended in such a way that you could treat it like the end of the show if you wanted to.

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    The more we hear the more the end of season 2 seems the end of the series.

    3.75 murdered the beginning of Star Wars. It just rapes Leia vs Vader in the hallway.

    It was also 100% stolen from the EU with the main character being genderswapped. The spicifics are different but it was the story of Kyle Katarn stealing the DS plans.

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    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I assume you’re talking Rogue One destroying when Leia is saying that she is on a diplomatic mission and not a Rebel.

    Well let’s look at that part of the film on it’s own first. Star Destroyers are the galaxy’s army/police force. At the beginning of the film, the Tantive IV is running away from the Destroyer and firing back at it as it tries to outrun it. When they get caught, Leia says she’s on a diplomatic mission. But why would she run away and fire at the Imperials if that was all she was doing? It already doesn’t really make sense. We also learn that Vader knows the plans were beamed onto the ship by Rebel spies and knows Leia is part of the Rebellion. Just by the film alone, this excuse of a “diplomatic mission” was never going to work. All Rogue One did was show how Vader knew everything he did.

    The lines Leia says in A New Hope is like a spy getting caught and still saying they are not a spy while being interrogated. It works whether Vader saw the ship leave the battle of Scarif or not.


    Just want to say, I’m aware of where I am and what I’m saying.. here goes

    I’m actually one of those people who like the force awakens… before I saw the last jedi. I saw it as the first one, setting up the scene for the new characters. It would of been unfair to have luke just run in after their first line and just calmly slaughter everything.

    With that said..

    The second I saw luke throw his light sabre over his shoulder in the last jedi, my heart broke. He and the old school fans deserved much more.

    I had to force myself to watch the rise of skywalker.


    There’s still potential in Disney starwars, its not the company I have a problem with, its some of the idiots running it.

    With that all said…

    *steps against the wall and puts blindfold on*

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    It takes a special type of idiot


    There’s still potential in Disney starwars



    No there isn’t.

    You cannot continue to be fooled by member berries mixing with what you hope happens. All you have to do is look at who is involved with Disney Star Wars at every level from the movies, to the shows, to the comics, and the books. These are all SJW activists who care more about their agenda than anything else. These people have ZERO respect for Star Wars Lore or Lucas’ Star Wars. They don’t know a damn thing about Real Star Wars. They are using every opportunity to diminish the OT and the PT with their product.

    You have to stop pretending they are going to give you Real Star Wars, because they never will.


    @Roas  Not so.

    Once KK and her klowns of SJW’s agenda are removed, then and only then can we finally get George Lucas’ STAR WARS once more.

    But while they are there, there is no true Star Wars, IMO.  Only those using the name of Star Wars/Lucasfilm.


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