StarWars Is Gone for Me

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    Hi Roas

    If there’s one thing I know for certain, it’s that generations can choose their own path! No matter how strongly the previous generation believes in something, the next might or will believe in something completely different.

    If we like it or not, starwars belongs to Disney now and who’s to say what they’ll do with it in the future? Hopefully they’ll sort their s**t out and realise what’s in front of them!

    Saying that I understand where you’re at, you lie to someone enough times they’ll never believe anything you have to say.

    Thx for replying


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    It just depends on what you’re looking for in Disney Star Wars. I never expected them to put out stories as good as the six films, so I didn’t go in with that expectation. Mando and Rogue One are exactly what I’m looking for from Disney Star Wars: fun stories with no woke politics that build on, not destroy, what we already know like their Trilogy did.

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    @Legatus_Legionis  To trust that possibility, you have to believe Disney 1) Cares about Real Star Wars, which so far we see they don’t…see Bob Chapek AND his puppet master Bog Iger, and 2) That there will ever be a place in that realm of entertainment where they will abandon their woke SJW agenda and simply go back to actual story telling again.

    The only way we get Real Star Wars back is if by some grace Disney is forced to sell it and someone who actually cares about the franchise takes control of Lucasfilm, and then has the balls to erase the Disney garbage and put everything back on track before 2012 happened.


      You are quite the optimist, I’ll give you that. But the fact that you are putting such an optimistic spin on Disney and its future, I wonder if that optimism is not simply blinding you to the reality of how detestable that company as become, and what it would mean for it to be something better than it is now. All you have to do is look at the past few months of how they behave towards people and customers, to the past few years of how they are running their company, and all the franchises beneath its umbrella, based upon woke SJW agendas that do nothing but destroy Disney’s once vaunted history of good, clean, and fun entertainment.

    Disney owns the name Star Wars, but not its heart. Through Darth KK they threw out that heart in 2012, and continue to stamp on the actual legacy of Star Wars.

    It’s not that they lie to us, to the consumers…the fans, but they are abusive to us. Many, myself included, saw it right away, and after TLJ millions more got red pilled. How many times do Pablo Hidalgo or the rest of the rogue’s gallery filling out the ranks of Lucasfilm have to abuse and insult us not just to our faces, but by creating disgraceful content and call it Star Wars, before people stop saying, “But this part is all right, so that’s still good.”

    Mando was probably their best attempt, and even though I know people hate it when I say this, Mando was basically safe, boring, tepid, uninspiring story telling packed with ooey gooey member berry filling that made use of BRILLIANT marketing strategies to prop it up. And even when they used the most powerful cameo of all time to trick everyone one last time, Disney Lucasfilm still turned around and took the biggest of all dumps on everyone’s head and then wanted the fans to thank them for it.

    You are free to be optimistic, but I fear you are wasting time that would be better spent investing in exploring and enjoying Real Star Wars.

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    Well said!

    When the nut comes to the crunch, it’ll be them who suffers the most!

    I know it’s s**t that some company is stamping on your childhood over their political b*llocks but it’ll pass, hopefully, if there is a god it’ll pass!

    The snyder cut only happened because of people like you! And if we had an army of you, then I’d put my money on that starwars will return in some way or another!

    Anyways, soldier on Roas!



    The bullshit will not pass till apologists stop sucking the rats dick.



    The snyder cut only happened because of people like you! And if we had an army of you, then I’d put my money on that starwars will return in some way or another!


    I’m no Snyder Bro, so even though I get what you are saying, I don’t deserve any credit for that fan victory. Even though I gave it a fair review I never cared whether the Synder Cut saw the light of day or not.

    What I will do is continue fighting to keep Real Star Wars alive, so you are correct there. My voice may be tiny right now, but I will never give up my love for the franchise. Right now my goal is to remind people what Real Star Wars is and to not go full black pill.

    I was there once…I black pilled and lived in that hole of despair for seven years. No one should go to that extreme, because it really only hurts you and not those responsible. Denying ourselves good and Real Star Wars only helps those who want to sweep it aside. We have to embrace, talk, and share Real Star Wars as much as possible while refuting the false Star Wars along the way.

    Alongside my own designs and  goals of creating new entertainment in the form of novels, this is something else I live to do right now.


    The snyder cut only happened because of people like you! And if we had an army of you, then I’d put my money on that starwars will return in some way or another!

    The Snyder cut only happened because the DCEU isn’t under heavy leadership of the woke mob and even then, they are movies with an acquired taste. Also, it doesn’t change the comic industry at all. Call me whatever but American superheroes and Star Wars is finished until Liberalism is dealt with. Otherwise, anime/manga and videogames are the only entertainment left that hasn’t turned to shit yet.


    I didnt care one way or the other for ZSJL once it was a thing I decided I would watch it.

    It sucked out loud. It almost made the JW cut look good in comparison. At least that had a respectable run time. Add in the ZS charity bullshit & I dont care if he ever gets a job again.

    Krazy KK needs to be removed. Everyone she has hired needs to be fired. Pablo the shitt who was around in 05 and lying his ass off constantly ever since needs to be fired. Then maybe the franchise can be recovered from the SJWs. But I doubt it will happen that bitch has dirt on the entire city.


    I have an entire room of Star Wars.

    I understand your feelings. Disney has politicized and butchered something we grew up on and have loved since 1977.

    However, there will still be good things coming. For example, we have The Bad Batch starting in May. That will be good, I can pretty much guarantee that. The Mandalorian was good. The Boba Fett show will most likely be good. The Obi Wan show….that’s a toss up, at least Deborah Chow is directing. The Ahsoka show will be executive produced by Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau so I feel that will be good. The Andor show, frankly, I think no one wanted that anyway. We’ll see on that one.

    The Acolyte show, I can say for a fact that will be garbage. The show runner is a woke feminist and it is a female centric show. Not really anything else to say after that.

    The Untitled Taika Waititi Film. Well, I hate his Thor movie, horrible movie. He can do good in voice acting like he did in The Mandalorian, but I am not a fan of his directing. We’ll see. The episode he did of The Mandalorian was ok, but I didn’t like the comedy scene with the troopers hitting Grogu he did in it.

    The Rogue Squadron movie. Patty Jenkins. She did great in the first Wonder Woman movie, but her WW1984 movie sucked, hard. My other issue is that I have read they are trying to make as much staff as possible women for the movie. I think that is WRONG. If the lead is a female, you can count out it being a good Star Wars movie. It will just be Si-Fi with agendas.


    The bad batch is a bad ropoff of the EU.

    WW1 was good cause Jenkins was using someone elses work. WW2 sucked cause it was hers alone. Based on that we can surmise that the EU xwing squadron ripoff will suck ass as well. She is not a director she is an agenda propagandist.


    Will say it again  i am fucken out of  starwars its trash do not care no more


    Talking about “trans non-binary jedi twins.” Bad Batch might be ok. Not into Star Wars and haven’t been. Every once in a while it might draw me in, but woke stuff just naturally repulses me. It’s just bad writing and bad everything else. It’s why I’ve gone back to books in history and am not into this perverted, oversexed stuff.


    To think, this all started many many years ago when they bowed to the crazies and changed Pirates Song in Disneyland…. How far they have sunk in to the pond-scum. I am done with all things Disney except to  down vote every possible video they put out.


    I was never a big fan of Star Wars, I guess when I was young, it didn’t quite caught my attention, I remember watching some of the movies and having some toys that came in the cereals and stuff, but I was more focused on Batman, Dragon Ball, Rambo, Bruce Lee…

    But when I got older, I re-watched all the Star Wars and I really enjoyed it, and finally understood why so many people love it.

    And now, seeing all this nonsense, it’s so… sad. They completely hijacked the industry and are killing it, and while they do it, they’re pushing their agendas, until the heart stops beating. It’s really devastating. The kind of stuff we see and read everyday, it’s so disturbing and stupid, doesn’t make any sense the connection with the movies. Movies shouldn’t be to push agendas… sure, movies have some good quantity of social justice, but not like this. :S

    For example, what the fuck is this:


    ffs… getting money with star wars endorsements for “trans rights” ? where is that money going I wonder?


    how about a campaign to help kids from all the world, of any race, that don’t have enough food and books, how about that? That would be something that Star Wars could be related to, because kids love Star Wars… but trans? wtf.



    No such shit as trans rights.

    There are no rights they are denied. What they want just like the rest of the ALPHABET GANGS is EXTRA RIGHTS. Fuck their wants.

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