StarWars Is Gone for Me

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    Real Star Wars fans will always have the Legends continuity eventhough I think that Jedi Fallen Order, Rogue One and The Mandalorian are great additions to this saga.

    Disney canon, for the most part, is a bad Star Wars fanfiction full of wokeness and identity politics.

    Disney goes to Legends when they need to release content that will give them money.

    Hollywood should learn to get, as soon as posible, activism out of entertainment in order to get the fans back.



    >Look like cancer patients.

    Bruh I don’t know whether to laugh or cringe.



    >Look like cancer patients.

    Bruh I don’t know whether to laugh or cringe.


    I was having a conversation about the state of the world the other day, and by the end of it I said, “We haven’t just gone through the looking glass. We’ve gone through two more after that into a fucked up reality.”


    EDIT: I rest my case:

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    I love Star Wars. It’ll never be gone. I have the old Movies, Books and Comics. I’ll Peak in from time to time. Not gonna go out of my way. Not gonna drop money on the new stuff. But Star Wars is one of my Pillars.


    @Roas Going off-topic here but I’ll take the opportunity to point how transgenderism is founded on completely bogus science (warning: some people might find this hard to read without becoming blood-curdling enraged):

    Liberals celebrating this sick culture should ashamed of themselves.


    @FallenOmegaStar   Look what you did to me!!!




    Only a mental paitent could be stupid enough to mutilate their junk & claim to be something else.


    I like TFA everyone did   i know it was  New Hope 2.0 when i was watching it


    Hi MrDragonbane

    The Last Jedi made the original 6 hard to watch?


    While I can’t say I necessarily agree with you on that I certainly understand your point of view. But to tell the truth…its been a while since I watched the OT. I keep meaning to but just never seem to get around to it. Is that cause I’m old now? When I was a kid I watched them quite a bit. Until I actually get around to watching them again I guess I won’t truly know will I? In any case I have been aware for some time that I would have to do some selective remembering when watching them again thanks to the Disney dreck.

    BTW…The Limp Jedi????? I had NOT heard that one before.

    Good one!



    Roas said….

    “Dude, you don’t need to full black pill.

    There is a difference between Real Star Wars and Disney Star Wars. Disney Star Wars is total trash. Toss that away all you want.

    But Real Star Wars is still there to be enjoyed and loved. You simply need to separate the two and understand the differences.”


    Well said my friend, well said.


    im planning to make a youtube video on this topic some time soon, but in short yeah, star wars is dead, its has been for a while, im done with the false hope. the ot and prequels, and clone wars animated show, tells a beautiful story that will live in my heart forever. i can accept that its over therse nothing left at this point but the continuous watering down and milking of the brand, and its not gonna change


    John Favreau Slobbers All Over Kathleen Kennedy! He Is No Ally To Star Wars Fans! Never Was!
    The Renaissance Nerd
    It’s time to stop pretending that John Favreau is the “savior” of Star Wars, that he is a friend and an ally. He is nothing but a Hollywood goober out for himself. He doesn’t really care about George Lucas’ Star Wars. Time to stop believing RUMORS!

    Thandiwe Newton Only Cares About SJW Agenda! Disney Star Wars Is BAD FANFICTION Dripping With Agenda
    The Renaissance Nerd
    Disney Star Wars has nothing to do with REAL Star Wars. All those involved with it only care about their SJW Identity Politics Agenda.


    Solo Actress SLAMS Lucasfilm For DISRESPECTING First Black Female Character EVER!


    A Tale of Two Star Wars: Jon Favreau vs. Everyone Else
    Nerd Cookies
    My reaction to the recent behind-the-scenes Star Wars Gallery featurette covering the production of the Mandalorian season 2 finale. Jon Favreau’s comments serve as evidence of a clear divide in the creative vision at Disney/Lucasfilm with two separate visions for the character of Luke Skywalker.

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