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    Neat that you made a game! Do you need new cover art?


    you can find me on everything with Shadow_Fenrir24


    Steam: 35758290

    GOG: Elamshin




    I’m MarcTheCyborg on pretty much everything – CyborgMarc#1626 on though


    Steam Friend Code: 20703097

    Will be under the name it’s been for the past 10 years, “MrQ”


    Origin: actinanass

    Steam: Actinanass Actinanass#1767


    I do play COD, BF, any fighting game, Forza Horizon series, Diablo, Fifa, and open to try new games.


    1196349323 is my steam code.




    Steam code: 111179756

    Same username I use here.


    My Steam code 75035187


    Not exactly sure what a friend code is. But I’m on both and Steam as Animeman73. I also make it no secret that I want to have some of my own work turned into a game, an RPG, and I aspire to see or try to bring back the RPG franchise Might & Magic. If anyone could tell me what a friend code is, I’d appreciate it. Or you can just send me a request on Steam or and I’ll friend you. I have aquite the colectiopn of games.


    I don’t use Steam as much as most but hello!


    always use some people to play with.

    Steam friend code: 80342933

Viewing 14 posts - 16 through 29 (of 29 total)
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