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    If you look for “Woke or SJW” or “Agenda Based” you will find it even if it is not there! People need to stop looking for it and injecting it to all aspects of life! If something is “Woke or SJW” or “Agenda Based” you will know it just by its nature.


    King Arthur, If you have a Black Guinevere you do not need to look, its glaring you in the face. Source Material and just Historical accuracy in time would say that is IMPOSSIBLE. (Clearly Racial Agenda driven)

    Enola Holmes: Ok this is more tricky and where easily “Agenda Diversity” could be read in with a Black Female Martial Arts Instructor. However, she was a very very minor bit in the show and used to move it along and had no major impact. (Woke only if you put it in there)

    Disney Star Wars: Woke as hell from the show to the publicly announcing of it. Hell we had a Mary Sue Ray so powerful it should embarrass even hackers invincibility and unlimited ammo hacks.

    I DO NOT watch reviews of things I think I will like, until I see it, so there is no Bias going in to it. If it is clearly there I will probably turn it off. But if i go through the entire show and enjoy it without have any of the agenda shoved in my face its a win. Then I will watch reviews and even write some myself. Enola Holmes for instance I enjoyed and on other re-watches have seen things I missed the first time. Had I listened to some of the reviewers I would not have watched and never got the enjoyment, I wouldn’t have rewatched and found more things and more enjoyment.

    So Give things a chance and judge it on the Story, Content and Enjoyment. You will know if it is a problem on your own! And if you start watching a youtuber and they go in to the spoiler territory, or even in to the show you might want to watch turn it off.

    Bottom line STOP watching reviews or listening to other people…. Make up your own damn mind and then don’t let anyone change it based on their Biases or beliefs. Stop being SHEEP even to people you normally like or agree with, form your own opinion and likes or dislikes.


    I always do this. I always make my own mind up before seeing a film or TV series by looking at a trailer for it. As I’ve said in the past, I’m not bothered if it’s not in my face woke which was why I didn’t mind ‘Birds of Prey’. If it’s something like the Star Wars sequel trilogy then yes I avoid it. My dad is also like this as he’s one of the few that liked ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ and said that it was just an alternative timeline.


    Yup, both of those are good examples as well. I am glad so far not much is being talked about in relation to “DUNE”, I have read the book, Hell read them all multiple times, from childhood to now. I am as we speak rereading DUNE.

    It already has some earmarks of it happening. Dr. Liet-Kynes, is being played by “Sharon Duncan-Brewster” let me be blunt. Dr. Kynes is a White Male, Sharon is a Black Female. I am not looking at it as “Woke” because of this aspect, in fact Frank said he based the Fremen around two cultures of Color “Bedouin and San People”. My concern is the switching to a female, there is no reason for this with so many men to play a mans role <per the book> and father of “Chani”. Ya a major player in the book and his daughter the “wife/concubine” aka one true love of Paul.

    But if “Sharon” earns the role and and it makes since in the story I can accept it. But to earn it she better make me believe she is Dr. Kynes. He is a major character in the book. I hope every time someone does Dune, they will do it right, which means following the books. It really needed the CGI of now to be able to do the visuals, It needed the Budget and time (hours) to tell the story properly. 1984 was good for what it was, the miniseries was bad just so so bad. We will see what 2021 does. I have hope.


    Good point.

    But then we have things like SHE-Man coming soon and everyone knows it will be shit.


    Spot on. I can’t remember who it was, but I saw someone on this site during either WandaVision or Falcon & WS saying that he needs to wait until Doomcock (no idea who that is) has watched it and said it isn’t bad/woke to know if he can watch it. Like idk that just screams sheep mentality to me


    I think it is also good to realize which companies are putting out woke stories. They might not always put out woke stories, but that might just be because they don’t make as much money on the woke stuff. At a certain point, you have to realize which companies have folded to the woke cult. All you are doing for those companies is giving them more money and power to put out woke trash. Some companies don’t know what they are doing. In those cases, I think people need to avoid media that has the woke stuff (and support whatever is focused on entertaining and good storytelling) when it comes to this second group so they learn it doesn’t work. But if the companies leadership is woke, I think it is just shooing yourself in the foot by supporting their other properties that aren’t overtly woke. I think that those companies need to regain the trust of their customers first.

    I generally agree with your sentiment that people should make up their own minds about whatever art they are enjoying (or trying to enjoy). But it is also important to realize there are companies that have enough of their staff who buy into the ideology so the the core of the company’s focus is now propaganda instead of good art.


    When I first heard it called that I spit my sweet-tea out laughing thinking what Idiot is remaking that movie, 1967 she-man. Then when I found out it was to replace He-man, I was not even surprised on bit. I WONT have anything to do with it, bet most won’t. These Idiots have forgot the primary Audience and Demographic of the consumer.

    These people want to make “wokeness” fine go for it, be creative and write your own… But when you mess with well established History and Lore and then act shocked the fans call you on it, just shows how stupid they are. I give Emily Clarke credit for trying to be creative, fell flat and laughable but she tried. I swear had she just reached out to her true fansbase I bet she could have had a hit.

    Could you imagine her doing a Mother of Dragons series? That has built in Gold written in it. The Mother of Dragons writing a Book about herself. Fans love her for that role, she has shown she loves the fans. Say we start of LIKE THIS:

    I “Daenerys of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, The Unburnt, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Queen of Meereen, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Protector of the Realm, Lady Regent of the Seven Kingdoms, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons” Have had the two Bards spreading falsehood of me and fed to my dragons.

    And instantly 20 million fans buy the first copy.



    My dad was also one of the few that did like the Star Trek films that JJ Abrams did. Also said the same thing there; alternative timeline settings. He saw ‘Into Darkness’ and I went to see ‘Iron Man 3’ for the second time even though I hated it but I said that I’d rather be watching ‘Iron Man 3’ and NOT Star Trek.

    I know a lot of people are unsure about ‘The Batman’ next year as some said about it being woke but as far as I’m concerned I don’t think it’s a in your face woke (I also saw some of it being filmed last year in Glasgow). Gender or race swapping of characters usually doesn’t bother me…although I still won’t watch ‘The Eternals’ when that comes out later this year as that really DOES look bad.



    Agreed. I’ve been hesitant about most things Disney related over the last few years because of their attitude and behaviour towards the fans. And it’s a shame because in normal circumstances I usually love Disney but they’ve really pushed my limits with them over the last few years. WB aren’t too bad but no studio is perfect.


    The problem is some people don’t have time to waste. And many times we can’t know for sure just by watching a trailer. These companies are not that dumb, they know most consumers (people that really buy stuff, not people that just tweet) hate woke stuff and won’t consume it. So these companies recently are all adopting the bait & switch strategy. It’s messed up. Some trailers are cool, I kinda liked the Army of the Dead trailer. Turns out the movie is garbage, I was glad i watched some reviews from people I respect and I didn’t waste hours watching that garbage, instead I had fun with my family.

    I loved the new trailer of Masters of the Universe: Revelation (He-Man). But I don’t know if they’re going to bait and switch and make it super woke and the show being all about Teela super female power, etc. I will have to wait for someone to confirm it to me, or waste my time watching at least a couple of hours. But still, when I’m watching something, I try to be ready to be entertained, and tolerant, but if the wokeism is too much, I give up. I hope it’s not the case (He-Man).

    Oh, and about Enola Holmes lol for me that’s 100% a woke movie… it’s literally a role reversal feminist movie… they “literally” call out Sherlock Holmes for his entitlement as a privileged white male… it doesn’t get woker than this lol :’D


    After seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens, wasting my money on woke garbage like Marvel/DC comics with attractive covers, and also saving my money from things that would’ve disappointed me in the end (i.e. Kong vs Godzilla), I’m glad warnings exist and I honestly don’t see how that’s “tormenting myself”. So no, I won’t take your advice because not only will I save myself a ton of headaches, I like taking caution especially since I’ve seen enough fuck-ups as it is.


    I always make up my own mind on things.I don’t need Jeremy (either one) or Doomcock or anyone else telling me what to think.

    I think the last jedi is toxic waste, but I loved the last of us ii, even if the whole fandom menace screams at me for it.

    I also think terminator dark fate wasn’t that bad, it was certainly more entertaining than genisys.

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