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    First post here by the all time famous JohnyTheWizKid! XD


    Anyway, I’ve been wanting to do my webshow for years with gaming and I’ve struggled with content ideas and equipment. Well I have my content set, now my current struggle is equipment. I want to stream and record so I can make good video reviews, but I also want to stream. I’ve had a capture card called and it was good but it doesn’t work with AV splitters that have composite, S-Video and component input, so only HDMI works. But when I use the AV to HDMI converter, I get an annoying box that gets in the way of the graphics when people watch my stream. So I got a RetroTink 2X Pro and it fixes the problem, except it darkens slightly. But as I record for over an hour, the gameplay and sound has delay issues where the sound doesn’t match the action I put into the game. So I have no idea what the deal is and I thought I’d try a different capture card. So I got the Elgato that everyone uses and enjoys and it records fine, but when I try to use it on OBS Studio or Labs, it doesn’t let me select the capture device option. It doesn’t even detect it so it can’t capture the game footage.


    Every time I hit a bump, it delays my web show more and more and I’m tired of problems. I don’t know how other youtubers do it but I wish I had no problems so I can proceed accordingly. Maybe the problem is my computer? Can anyone help me with this issue I’m having? Maybe if you, whoever is an expert on streaming, game capture cards and OBS, have a discord, we can talk and see if you can tell me what you think the problem is. If I do need a new computer, I can get right on it because I want to get my show going already.


    Elgatos, especially the models prior to the HD60 are fickle, so it’s most likely not your computer. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. I’ve had issues with mine as well. You have to make sure you’re using a good usb cable first of all. The cable matters and could prevent your device from working. Something you can also do is re-solder the usb slot on your elgato to its board. I’ve had to do that once before from it coming loose over time. It’s a simple fix if you have an amount of soldering skill.

    Also what version of OBS studio are you using? I recommend the 64bit version. Elgato seems to work best with that. Also try disabling the device and re-enabling it. Like below. You just have to keep messing with it and eventually it will work. Sometimes it’s a pain to get working. I know this reply is a month late, but I’ve used mine extensively and know the struggle of having to put up with it. But for retro consoles with composite, component or S video, it’s one of the few good recording and streaming options.


      Haven’t got a clue sorry Johny. Hopefully some of the tips from MrMay will help you out. Sounds frustrating. Ive subbed to your youtube (was already following you on Twitch) and i’ll check out your show when you get sorted though, good luck mate


      I’ve ordered components for my new computer so it’d be more advanced. I don’t know if you are a an expert on components but any knowledge can help. So this is what I ordered from Newegg:
      GIGABYTE X570 AORUS MASTER AMD Ryzen 3000 PCIe 4.0 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.2 AMD X570 ATX Motherboard

      AMD RYZEN 9 3900X 12-Core 3.8 GHz (4.6 GHz Max Boost) Socket AM4 105W 100-100000023BOX Desktop Processor

      CORSAIR RM Series RM850 CP-9020196-NA 850W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS GOLD Certified Full Modular Power Supply

      Elgato Game Capture 4K60 Pro MK.2 – 4K60 HDR10 Capture and Passthrough, PCIe Capture Card, Superior Low Latency Technology

      Western Digital WD Blue SN550 NVMe M.2 2280 1TB PCI-Express 3.0 x4 3D NAND Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) WDS100T2B0C

      G.SKILL Trident Z Neo Series 64GB (2 x 32GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200 (PC4 25600) Intel XMP 2.0 Desktop Memory Model F4-3200C16D-64GTZN

      ASUS DVD-Writer Black SATA Model DRW-24F1ST d/BLK/B/AS – OEM

      ASUS Dual NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 MINI OC Edition Gaming Graphics Card, PCIe 3.0, 8GB GDDR6, HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI-D, for Intel NUC 9 Extreme Kit, Intel NUC 9 Pro Kit and Small Chassis

      And I was able to test my computer with obs and yes, it worked, the sound and graphics sync well. So while that issues is resolved, the settings is still difficult to understand what works best on various consoles. I have LOTS of consoles from the past and I don’t have much recent consoles.

      Here’s something else that’s interesting to know. I’m using a crt monitor from the year 2000 and it only supports vga. I have a converter and it works until I hibernate it, then it doesn’t turn on. I thought I’d need a gpu with a vga port but turns out, I have to go to settings on my graphics card and set it to certain settings to work with my monitor. Its in the repair shop now so I can’t get it until Tuesday. I’m going to test it then and then, that will tell me if it works.


      I’m looking forward to delving into nostalgia! Currently streaming old games with a modern spin, revisiting classics. Join us as we go through gaming history together.

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