Subbed or Dubbed?


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    yeah but logically speaking dub is superior


    I like dubs the best. I do watch subs on things like anime lab and crunchy roll, but I prefer dub.  I used to be a big supporter of Funimation, but over the last year they’ve shown themselves to be scumbags, just look at Karen Marchi whoops I mean Jaime Marchi. She goes on about men being inferior to women and oppressing women all the time. If you just say “ I think your wrong Jaime” she’ll go on a psychotic long winded rant about how you’re oppressing her.


    I like how much feeling the Japanese voice actors put into it.

    But I did watch a anime called Darker Than Black and it sounded really good in English.

    I don’t like how the voice for Naruto sounds in english, Subs for me.

    I watched DBZ once in Japanese…went back to english.

    I listen to the voice and if I don’t like how they sound I go back to Japanese, I’m use to Subs.


    I can go subbed or dubbed. I do enjoy being able to understand what’s going on. However, certain terms and phrases don’t translate through different languages. So the plus side to subbed is you get that authenticity!


    I watch anime mostly dubbed!! Though now a days,they’re adding politics to some shows…how long until shonen series are affected by this ?

    Someday,I’m gonna start my own anime licensing company/studio and dub anime old and new including LOGH!!


    Dubbed.  The sub-titles drive me nuts.


    It depends on the anime. Sometimes the American voice actors do such a good job they are better then the orginal. Case in point, Ranma 1/2 or Kiki’s Delivery Service, I read the American voice actors were so good that the Japanese prefer it dubbed.

    Others are not so good subbed..ex Naruto or Trigun.



    For me, it depends. Some animes are better in dubbed examples are Ranma 1/2, Cowboy Bebop and Dragon Ball Z to name a few. But, it all depends for me if I want to wait for the dubbed release and then watch it or if I want to follow along will Japan and watch the episodes as they air in Japan and then go online to watch.


    I prefer to watch with subs and the original language of whatever I am watching. That goes for everything. Such as watching Parasite, or Akira Kurosawa.

    As a person who is learning Japanese, immersion is part of learning a language. I will however say, learning a language based on watching anime is not really valid. lol. Sure you will pick up some things, but that is not really how everyday Japanese people speak.


    Yeah I prefer watching anime with japanese audio and english subs.

    But when I’m playing japanese rpg’s it’s complicated, because most of the time I’m busy doing stuff in the game and can’t read all the subtitles and I miss important information many times. So usually I choose english audio playing final fantasy, etc. :D


    I do not have an absolute preference for either subbed or dubbed anime, but I think I generally prefer dubs over subs since I do not have to rely on the subtitles to understand what is being spoken and am able to hear the audible language (English) being spoken. I am visually impaired, and reading small, rapidly-changing text at the bottom of the screen is usually too difficult for my eyesight, so in my opinion I would assert that dubs are the ultimate choice.


    Well, if you dont know japanese, I will go with subs, because its original. I mean characters and dialog sound exactly like the directors and writers are meant them to be. In dubs they can change some dialog (I dont mean like cultural things which is understandable) even though the meaning can remain the same, but that still not what the character said and that can cause the character itself to become different from japanese one or just leave different impression. Sometimes voices are like a way different from the original too. That said, there are a very good dubs and sometimes I enjoy them more than japanese ones. Also, If anime is set in like in a real world and in Japan then its subs all the way, but if its made up world like Fullmetal Alchemist then I dont mind switching to dub.


    depends on the show really.

    Sometimes subbed can get away from the immersion of the scene.


    I prefer dubs, mainly because my eyesight keeps getting worse with age. If I have the choice, I’ll always go with the dub. But I will watch subs if that’s the only way it’s available.


    Definitely subbed, but there are a few exceptions that I’m sure have been mentioned many times in this thread already: DBZ, FMA:B, Death Note perhaps, Cowboy Bebop

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