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      Rocksteady (same company that made the Arkham games) made a game announcement this morning with this freaking AMAZING teaser poster to go with it. 

      Rumors have it it’s the SS vs the JL and since you play as Squad members, the JL are your enemies. 

      Inject this video game directly into my veins, right now!

      I cannot WAIT for DCFandome!!! 



        This is what I have wanted for several years now. A Suicide Squad game in the same style as Arkham games. Well I’m assuming it will be, we don’t know yet. It may be completely different. The Suicide Squad has gone up against the Justice League before and we know Amanda Waller sees them as the biggest threat to America if not the world. From our perspective, the Justice League will be the threat and that’s interesting to me. I suspect for the majority of the game the Justice League will be the threat but a bigger threat will rise towards the end. Maybe it’s an alternate corrupt version like the Syndicate or like in Injustice and Superman is the real threat. I’ll definitely be getting it when it comes out.


          SAME! They should just take my money now LOL


          I’m intrigued. Let’s hope it turns out well.


          I am so unbelievably hyped.  Been waiting on Rocksteady’s game announcement for so long, and I love the game they chose to go with.  The Suicide Squad taking on the Justice League is such a sick concept for a video game.


          Im more on the negative side, im already tired of Harley Quinn, and im not fond of Bad Superman Stories. The game might be good but this story does not do it for me.



          Mega pass for me. Never been interested in the Suicide Squad or any of the characters in it, though I’m excited for people who want this kind of game. I personally wanted Superman, and I’m a little tired of seeing Superman as a villain. I’m also tired of Batman as well, and I’m glad Gotham Knights doesn’t have him in it. It’s nice to see Nightwing, Batgirl and Robin get a swing at it. Though I’m kind of baffled at the absence of Tim Drake. I guess they’re just going with the current iterations of the characters, rather than continuing the Arkham characters.

          We haven’t gotten a Superman game since 2006, and we’ve arguably never had a good Superman game. There has been over 10 or so Batman games since 2006 alone.


            So after superhero movies now it’s the age of superhero games? Paint me uninterested. at least this looks like it’s decently made unlike the avengers game. But HQ is so effing annoying I don’t think I can put that aside.


            Marvel games for the most part are hit or miss, miss more often than hit. DC games have generally been better though they’ve had their fair share of duds over the years. I’m a bit tired of super hero games, myself. Though I’ll still make an exception for that great Superman game we’ll probably never get at this point.


              I know what could make me interested. A Flash Gordon game. I know I know, he’s not a superhero. Just a hero.


              I don’t know much about Flash Gordon, but if they use the Queen soundtrack, I’m all in.


                2 years from release.  Not enough info to make a decision.
                Did not like the reveal trailer, though.
                Modern Harley is one of the worst characters ever and, if this takes place in the Arkhamverse, why is King Shark alive and Deadshot black?
                Gameplay is king and when the reveal the gameplay loop, I’ll make a decision but I am not feeling the aesthetic or character selection.

                Gotham Knights is looking pretty awesome, though.

              Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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