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    legend war

    A better fit here than on the television board.  This thread is not meant for Power Rangers adaptations.


      I wish there was an easy and legal way to watch them all with english subtitles, several years ago I tried watching Himitsu Sentai Gorenger on some some asian Youtube like website but it was unsubbed, still fun to watch but I didn’t really understand what’s going on.


      Fun fact about Super Sentai is that, it’s the reason why Power Ranger existed in the first place.


      Hasbro To End Partnership With Toei – What This Means For Power Rangers On TV: Exclusive

      Hasbro is likely unable to continue producing series at an acceptable level due to the pandemic and is putting a stay on the Sentai footage until an end is in sight.  The main hint in the article is a potential transition to animated series to keep the brand active, which Toei once mandated against during the Disney years (forces majeures?).


      Shout Factory is slowly putting them out.


      Shout Factory releases have been stopped by Hasbro due to brand stigma and confusion.  There are no plans for any new releases for the foreseeable future.


        I can’t say I am a huge fan of more recent sentai, go-busters was the last one I enjoyed, but other than that I’m going back to the likes of boukenger, dekaranger an that era.


        Oh give me a break!! That’s such bullshit, and it’s really easy to simply separate Super Sentai from Power Rangers by simply the packaging on the covers!

        Looks like I’ll be sailing the seas for the older super sentai shows that Shout Factory didn’t do.


        You ever watched Gokaiger?


          I’m european though, they don’t ship to europe, also it doesn’t start at the very beginning and skips the very early shows.


            I did it was ok, good characters but overall I did not care for the pirate theme.





            I’ve watched Dekaranger, Sunvulcan, Abaranger, and Dairanger.

            And I got to say, I love and enjoy the living hell out of Abaranger(which is my Second Super Sentai Show), and Dairanger(which is my First and Favorite Super Sentai Show) as well as manage to finish it probably about months ago.

            As for Sunvulcan(which is my 3rd Super Sentai Show), I do not like it and decided not to continue watch it.

            As for Dekaranger(which is my 4th Super Sentai Show), I just recently watched it although I’ve only seen 5 episodes of it and oh boy, I love and enjoy Dekaranger.



            2022 trademark:


            I have no idea either.


            I heard Stan Lee is kind of the reason for Super Senti and Power Rangers existing. It all started in the 1970s when Stan Lee wanted to bring Spiderman to Japan and Toei decided to be that company in Japan to team up with Stan Lee to creating the Japanese Spiderman.

            Spiderman ended up having a Megazord of his own. Then after the success of Japanese Spiderman, Toei went on to create Sun Vulcan which Stan Lee wanted to bring to America but the talks didn’t fall through and their partnership ended.

            Then Sun Vulcan inspired Super Senti then from there decades later Hiam Saban was in Japan and flicked on the TV and saw Super Senti then had the idea to bring it to America which took until 1992 for it to happen. From there a lady who had worked with Stan Lee to try to get Sun Vulcan to America saw Super Senti and was like…”That was the thing we wanted to bring to America from Japan but the talks didn’t go through.”

            Then Hiam Saban got Super Senti footage and turned that into Power Rangers by adding in American footage in the out of suit parts. So Stan Lee if he didn’t bring Spiderman to Japan and help in the creation of Japanese Spiderman…..there would be no Super Senti or Power Rangers.

            So that goes to show Stan Lee truly has a hand in creating everything…….I wonder did he have a hand in creating any of us? Lol 😂

          Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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