Superman or Captain America

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    Simple question; not who would beat who or who is stronger. Truly I want to know who is better all around. Who is more likable, who has the better stories, who is the better leader, etc. I want to know who you’ve got.


    Clark because without him, Steve Rodgers and all the others wouldn’t exist as they do now.


    Good answer.


    As I don’t read Captain America comics (with Steve Rodgers or any other character being called Captain America), I cannot comment on stories.

    Superman – Kal-El – Clark Kent is a leader, be it with the super-family or with the Justice League (comics).

    Superman gave his life to protect the people and his adopted home world from Doomsday.

    When Superman lost his powers (for a time) he still did not hide away, but continued the fight for Truth, Justice, and the American Way.  Even now in the current War World story-arc, a powerless Superman is still fighting for liberty and freedom.

    His deep love for Lois Lane (and them getting married, etc), and his life as a mortal (reporter).

    Superman is a world-widely known IP, loved my many.

    Captain America, IMO, is not on that same level.

    For example, I know Peter Parker/clone story arc, I know of the Peter Parker/Doc Oct mind/body switch, I know Spider-Man rogue gallery (before the movies), etc. even though I don’t collect/read Spider-Man.

    For Captain America, other than what was in the MCU (and his arch nemesis the Red Skull I knew before the MCU)… and how for a while they had Caps an undercover secret agent of Hydra, what has Caps done that those who don’t read Captain America’s comics can compare with?


    Victor James

      Going to Bat for Cap here. Not to undermine any of the Clark love, because all of that is true. Captain America has accomplishments but they can mostly be attributed to “Avengers” wins than individual like Superman. Korvac, Ultron, Thane Ector, Thanos a few times, Grim Reaper ect.  What Cap brings to the fold is his symbolism and leadership. Just showing up seems to gives Cap’s team confidence that they can win. Plus, before Marvel made him a modern day communist, he actually stood up for truth and justice, going so far as to say no to the government several times when they crossed the line, changing into Nomad, turning in his shield and going as US Agent, and then leading the team in Civil War.

      I agree with the others that Superman is a far bigger IP and well known, and basically started the superhero genre, so his accomplishments are unmatched however, if  I crash landed on a island I’d rather have a long box of Cap’s comics than Superman’s to keep me company.


        I always really liked both for many reasons.  I think they both have strong beliefs and ideals.  However there is one stark difference.  Superman can go anywhere he wants on Earth or other places technically.  But he CHOOSES to not only live as human but to defend and protect them.  And he CHOOSES to be an American and uphold those ideals.


          Never cared for Cap. I don’t even think I own any of his Comics. Just wasn’t my thing. I did enjoy his movies though.

          Superman made a hard choice to live among humans and censor himself to be a good guy. Because yes, he censors himself ability wise. He could destroy, rape, and do all kinds of bad things, but he choses not to. If I were him I don’t know if I could do that honestly, I have a darkness inside. It takes integrity to do what he does. I choose Superman, easily.



          Superman. easy. basically DC > marvel lol


          Cap because Superman is incredibly boring


          I love the detailed response. I think you are spot on about them both. Even with Cap’s character and patriotism, I think like you said Superman has had deeper development as a character and is known better for them. Good points.


          Ask Chuck Dixon #115 Why I quit Liefeld’s Captain America project.
          The career of M. Night Shymalan. How not to repeat yourself! How not to plagarize.
          The truth and full story of why I quit Rob Liefeld’s Captain America fiasco. And, were comics always political?

          56 minute mark. Also, much earlier in video, he goes over Superman
          18 minute is Superman. 56 minute is Capt. America


          Very cool, always love to hear Chuck talk, he’s a wealth of knowledge and interest. I enjoyed him talking about how they represent the answer to our societal need, and that they are a wish fulfillment to a lot of the creators and writers. I think the political side of these characters are the same. Hell I even remember reading a Superman comic that the villain of the story called Superman “Right Wing!” So I love both of them as symbols of Americana. Thanks for linking the video.

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