Taiwan Is Its Own Country


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    Title says it all. china sucks donkey ballz

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    Taiwan is numba wan!

    China is numba foour!

    The CCP can lick my balls!  Fuck China, and fuck Cena and the rest of the cowards who bow down to their true Overlords.  Not only is it pathetic, but is it also quite dangerous thing to behold these people bowing to communist country with real slaves from their history and right into the present.  China is everything these people claim to be “woke” about.  Every last one of these people are traitors, and they keep tipping their hands to show us that it was to late 10 years ago.

    Want to know who works for CCP China?  Big Mike and the Berry gang, Clinton family, Bush family, Biden family.  And the rest of the go along, get along gang ran by the big O herself.  These people sold you out for some profit.  And will move with all their money to escape what is coming.  They where promised protection or free passage to keep living like they have.


    Taiwain is a Country.  A nation.


    The UN, WHO, and everyone else needs to recognize this FACT.


    Uh, yeah. That’s an obvious fact. Taiwan has always been a country just like there’s only two sexes and 1 + 1 = 2.


    Tiwan is an occupied nation.
    We allowed it to become that way.


    It is still a nation not a piece of Chicom.


    ChiCom is an occupied territory, as it Tibet , as is Hong Kong.

    End the occupation!

    Free the people!


    The CCP now has real world footage of an American “Alpha” male, groveling to this political communist party.  Otherwise known as Chicoms who run the propaganda machine there.  This is a symbol of their ever growing danger to our way of life here in the west, and will be used in their huge library of others just like him doing the same.  To ensure the enslaved people of China will never agree or conceded that Taiwan is not a country.

    That is why I think this is a much bigger deal than some folks are making it out to be.  The truth is being redacted in people’s minds, as those who would stick up for him shrug if off like no big deal.  Or that John knows it was wrong to do, but they would have broken his contract.  Yep, it makes me sick honestly.

    Then you have thousands of other people still kissing his ass, because they are left leaning thinking folk who have told me time and time again that China is not a true Communist party.  That we don’t understand and we will never get it.  It get tiresome honestly.  Both sides fighting over non sense while the CCP gains ground.  So much ground I honestly think we lost 10 years ago.  When you start to see this in the Military, that is when you know things are out of control.

    John Cena plays the role of the America Hero and Marine.  Think about that really hard what the CCP can do with that alone.

    Mother fuckers.

    That is why Why John Cena Bending The Knee to China is a more Significant than Some Might Think.


    Taiwan is an island. The country is the “Republic of China” that has its capital in Taipei. Sadly most of the territory that should be controlled by the Republic of China is currently occupied by a band of criminals known as the Communist Party of China, led by the winner of the all-Asia Winnie the Pooh lookalike contest.


    [This post has been censored by your good friends at the People’s Republic of China]


    Nikki Haley warns Republicans on China: ‘If they take Taiwan, it’s all over’

    Potential 2024 GOP presidential hopeful Nikki Haley sounded the alarm to House conservatives Wednesday that China is hell-bent on world domination – and that Taiwan is ground zero.

    Haley, who served as former President Trump’s ambassador to the Untied Nations, said that if China takes control of Taiwan, Beijing will be emboldened to seize other territories around the globe.

    As in other threads, about how the CCP is creation a state where nations are mortgaging their sovereignty using communist funds.

    She also blasted the joint statement from President Biden and other Group of Seven leaders this week calling out China’s human-rights abuses as extremely weak, arguing the G-7 instead should have established that Taiwan – the East Asian island whose autonomy is in constant dispute – is a “sovereign country.”

    Do you expect Beijing Joe to do that?  < HA Ha ha >  🤣

    Haley hammered home that China remained an existential threat to the U.S. and democracies around the world and that government officials there should never be trusted.

    Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative, building bridges, tunnels and other infrastructure projects in dozens of nations, is nothing more than a ploy to gain influence and power around the world, Haley said.

    Once Taiwan falls under the CCP regime, not only will they occupy yet another nation, but will send in their troops into those nations who default on their one-sided agreements.  They will become another Tibet/Taiwan, or a Soviet style Satellite territory.


    Lloyd Austin issues warning to China over Taiwan

    Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin issued a warning toward China this week regarding aggression in the Pacific.

    Austin, who spoke at the International Institute for Strategic Studies in Singapore on Tuesday, said the United States “will not flinch when our interests are threatened,” specifically referencing supporting Taiwan, but added that the U.S. is not seeking a “confrontation” with China.

    Without going thru the whole article, I was wondering…

    With the US moving so many troops out of the middle east, are they planning on moving them to the pacific arena?

    The secretary of defense added that the U.S. will “stay focused on helping Taiwan to defend itself or having the capabilities to defend itself going forward,” adding, “The way you manage [disputes] counts.”



    OH, and it gets worse!

    The US military is changing the way it fights after it ‘failed miserably’ in a war game against an aggressive adversary who knew its playbook

    The US military put its warfighting strategy to the test in a wargaming exercise last fall and it did not go well, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. John Hyten said Monday, multiple defense outlets reported.

    How bad?

    “An aggressive red team that had been studying the United States for the last 20 years just ran rings around us,” he explained, according to Defense News. The general said “they knew exactly what we’re going to do before we did it, and they took advantage of it.”

    What did they do?

    Hyten said that the US forces attempted to establish information dominance, “just like it was in the first Gulf War, just like it has been for the last 20 years, just like everybody in the world, including China and Russia, have watched us do for the last 30 years.”

    But right from the start, that information was not available. The US military relies heavily on data from sensors and systems to see what’s happening on the battlefield and fire upon targets, as well as radio and digital communications to instantly relay command decisions. These networks are susceptible to jamming on the battlefield or wider disruption if US satellites are targeted.

    Hyten characterized the situation as a “big problem.”

    So the US’s complete reliance on its computers was one of its biggest fails, and from the recent continuous reports of cyber hacking, things are only going to get worse before they get better?

    The US military also learned from the simulated engagement that aggregating American forces might not be the best option against a great power adversary.

    “In today’s world, with hypersonic missiles, with significant long-range fires coming at us from all domains, if you’re aggregated and everybody knows where you are, you’re vulnerable,” Hyten said.

    The exercise demonstrated that the US military cannot take for granted the advantages it has had in the past as it thinks about how best to address higher-end threats from rival powers like China and Russia.

    In other words, you have to be ready for warfare of the 22nd Century on 22nd Century potential enemies.

    Hyten, according to Stars and Stripes, stressed the importance of making these changes, arguing that the stakes are high and that the US military’s warfighting edge over rival powers like China is “shrinking fast.”

    As some have stated, if the CCP decides to forcefully annex Taiwan, the US forces are not prepared to properly respond with a winning strategy.

    By releasing this admission, you have just increased the odd this annexing will happen far sooner than later.


    And in comes the UK.

    ‘Obey the Rules’: China Warns U.K. After Royal Navy Enters Waters

    Oh really?  This coming from a regime that refuses to obey international rules!

    Earlier in July, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace inflamed existing tensions between the U.K. and China by insisting the Royal Navy would sail wherever international law permitted. The navy is permanently deploying two warships to the region after its new Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier and escort ships sail to Japan through the disputed Asian waters.

    Inflamed?  International Law!  How dare they!

    Despite international court rulings in 2016 saying that the South China Sea is not a Chinese territory, Beijing has continued to treat it as such, building military bases and developing airport runways on islands in the disputed waters.

    Rules for thee, not for me.

    Or better yet:  If rules are in my favor, everyone MUST obey.  If the rules is against our aggressiveness, it is to be ignored.

    “It’s no secret that China shadows and challenges ships transiting international waters on very legitimate routes,” he told the Times. “We will respect China and we hope that China respects us…. We will sail where international law allows.”

    Fat chance to that.  The CCP only respects the CCP.




    And now another member of NATO comes, this time Germany.

    Germany Sends Warship to South China Sea in Latest Challenge to Beijing Territorial Claims

    Germany sent a warship to the South China Sea on Monday for the first time since 2002 as tensions continue over China’s claim of the territory.

    18 years?  Wow!

    France, Japan, Australia and New Zealand have also recently increased activity in the Pacific waters in symbolic defiance to China.

    The CCP is so sure of itself that the west will do exactly what they did in the past before WWII.  That is, letting an aggressive country take over another without consequences.  The world learned an important lesson.  The CCP hopes that lesson is long forgotten.

    I keep hearing mention that a new “cold war” is in fact what we have, but they so far have refused to say it openly.  Just that it is looking we are heading for a new “cold war” with a communist regime (potential superpower).



    Biden must tell Beijing: ‘War means instant independence for Taiwan’

    China mocks Biden personally and the United States generally as weak and untrustworthy. Driving its disdain home, it has issued a brazen new challenge, threatening military action against Taiwan if Washington merely allows President Tsai Ing-wen to participate in a remote democracy conference planned for December.

    Standard MO for the CCP.

    At a House Foreign Affairs Committee meeting in March, Rep. Young Kim (R-Calif.) asked Secretary of State Antony Blinken if he was committed to inviting Taiwan, and he responded, “I’m absolutely committed to working on it. I share your view that Taiwan is a strong democracy, a very strong technological power and a country that can contribute to the world and not just its own people.”

    That glowing commitment has been put in doubt now by a) the disastrous retreat from Afghanistan, and b) China’s dire warnings against Taiwanese involvement.

    Threaten someone is they do not do what the CCP wants.

    Hu Xijin, editor of Beijing’s propaganda outlet Global Times, warned last week that Tsai’s participation would “gravely violate” China’s red lines on Taiwan and would present “a historic opportunity for Chinese fighter jets to fly over the island.” That would be a blatant violation of Taiwan’s sovereign airspace, and Taiwan’s military would be justified in firing warning shots.

    Which is exactly what the tyrant in beijing wants.

    Hu, known for fiery rhetoric unrestrained by Beijing, anticipated that possibility: “If the Taiwan military dares to open fire on the PLA fighters, the large number of missiles aimed at Taiwan’s military targets from the mainland and our bomber fleets will make a decisive answer and write history.”

    The CCP WANTS to start a war, and at the same time blame someone else for their aggression.

    The cross-Strait war would then be on, and the United States would have to discover, in extremis, whether it has the capacity mandated by the Taiwan Relations Act “to resist any resort to force or other forms of coercion that would jeopardize the security … of the people on Taiwan.” More critically, Washington would need to decide under desperate circumstances whether it has the will to do so.

    And the decision has to be made within seconds.

    If fact, the Pentagon (and the WH) should already know the answer, so that when/if it happens they can respond to defend the country of Taiwan.

    As for China’s “unofficial” threats to violate Taiwan’s airspace and potentially provoke a military conflict, Washington should definitively declare that America will help defend Taiwan. In an ABC-TV interview last week, Biden seemed prepared to take such a stand. George Stephanopoulos challenged him with this: “You already see China telling Taiwan, ‘See? You can’t count on the Americans.'”

    A clear example of how beijing biden’s foreign policy experience is showing…. asleep at the wheel!

    To further demonstrate U.S. resolve, Biden should tell Beijing that any more threats of force against Taiwan’s participation in the democracy summit will trigger immediate diplomatic recognition of Taiwan and an official statement of Washington’s new “One China, One Taiwan” policy. Beijing must understand that war would mean instant Taiwan independence.

    As if biden’s handlers will allow demented joe to do that.

    Finally, the administration should warn Beijing that any use of force against Taiwan would undermine the very premise of the U.S.-China relationship itself.

    As if the CCP believes the weak biden/kamala admin.

    The Taiwan Relations Act clearly stated in 1979, “[T]he United States decision to establish diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China rests upon the expectation that the future of Taiwan will be determined by peaceful means.”

    But as we have seen with this admin, laws/acts are ignored when it is go their political gain.


    Hopefully, we will not have to find out…. but I am not going to hold my breathe over it.

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