Ted Cruz SNAPS on Reporter Who Tells Him To Put a Mask on…He’s Vaccinated!

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    Dr. fauci in January 2020 – Wearing a mask won’t protect you from the corona virus. Dr. Fartchi in April 2020 – You should put on a mask to stop the spread of the virus. Dr. Fraudchi in March of 2021 – You should put on 2 masks to fully protect you. Me – I see a pattern of lying with Fauci. If you can smell someone’s farts while wearing a mask you are not safe from covid 19. Oh course if you are fauci you have the dems saying “Oh fauci your farts smell so good.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2OHIjPORMk


    The reason I wear masks is because when it first kicked off, I was walking down the road and I saw an older couple walking towards me and the fear in their eyes told me everything I needed to know.

    Fuck what everyone else says, if wearing a mask and stepping onto the road to let them past helps them feel safe, then fuck it, it’s a small price to pay!


    @Loken idk if you’re being serious or not.


    @Loken That is what was happening up here, where I live.

    Hey, reporter, are you outside of the six-foot exclusion zone?

    If so, what’s your problem?  Is it because you have to listen to the truth about the humanitarian crisis the biden/kamala administration is deliberately causing?

    And look, they ARE following the guidelines of the CDC, and the reporter still wants to play the “victim”?


    AS for out in public:

    If it makes people “feel” safe…

    I have, as you, have stepped to the side to let others pass, and make sure I have my “mask” up when I can’t “safely” six-feet away.

    Of course, when there is lots of snow on the ground, it usually ends up being more the latter.


    Our current “man-date” is masks in-doors when visiting a business, and you can only reveal your mouth while eating/drinking at any 25% fire code occupancy, if the establishment allows indoor dinning.


    Your fears mean less than nothing.
    Viruses are not stopped by a dirty sock wrapped round your face.


    in most asian countries, there are some places that it’s (temporarily) required by “law” to wear a mask and you cannot enter the building if you don’t. That’s fine. I also try to wear one everytime I enter an elevator.

    But other than that, we don’t need to wear a mask anywhere else. Some people wear it, some people don’t. If you’re sick you wear it, if you’re not you don’t.

    And no one (at least till now) was offended or complained because someone else was not wearing a mask. If people have some problem, they’re free to distance themselves, they’re free to wait for another elevator, they’re free to go somewhere else. It’s all about how much you love your freedom. Some people seem to take it for granted.


    Twas just a rant, my bad


    It’s not your fault that Chris Cuomo scared the bajeezus out of those silly old fogies. Masks make people SICKER:

    2015 study that shows you are more likely to get sick using masks

    Long term masks use leads to lung cancer


    Screw these psychos


    In most Asian countries they have have a tinny speaker playing bizarre crappy music above the doors of a lot of the shops. Does this increase foot traffic? I’m dubious. They do a lot of superstitious things that don’t have any basis in science. They probably like masks there because it hides them from all the facial recognition cameras, lol


    Leaving a drs office yesrterday the elevator arrived with someone in it. I thought she was getting out so I hold it open for a bit… She did nothing.

    Ok fine my mistake I got into the elevator after like a minuet. She gets out… WTF!?


    If anybody ever asks you to put one on just reply that they don’t work. There was a CDC study that showed that 85% of people that had covid 19 and but they still wore a mask. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/andy-biggs-rips-mask-narrative-after-cdc-report-shows-85-of-symptomatic-people-often-or-always-wore-masks


    Hey everyone,


    If you are interested, Right Side Broadcasting Network is currently livestreaming on YouTube a tour of the U.S./Mexico boarder in Mission, TX. Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn are expected to give a press conference on the current boarder situation.


    Just a little reminder that you can carry covid and infect others even though you are vaccinated and ”immune”, so even though you are safe, you still should take others into consideration.


    If you’re that worried about a virus with a 99.99% survivability rate, maybe you just shouldn’t go anywhere, stay in a hermetic bubble in your house. There are virus particles everywhere, even before CCP virus. And No, you can’t ‘carry’ the virus when you are immune, stop listening to dr gremlin. Feel free to dispense more medical advice though, loser with Sonic avatar.. Please tell your Marxist leaders to blow me


    I’m not worried about myself, but people in the risk zone have a higher chance of dying than me and also a higher chance of getting infected because of the R rate. So understanding to not stick too close during a pandemic is not the same as staying locked in your basement for a year, common sense my friend. Also why wouldn’t you be able to carry when immune? If someone with covid spits in you for example, do you thing it’s just gonna deflect off? That’s silly. How about you take a break from Alex Jones or other weird conspiracy theorists.

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