Ted Cruz SNAPS on Reporter Who Tells Him To Put a Mask on…He’s Vaccinated!

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    Its not a vaccine.



    Humans are dumb 😅 🧠->🚽


    Large-scale clinical studies found that COVID-19 vaccines reduced the risk of contracting the disease in vaccinated individuals by up to 95%, compared with those who were not vaccinated. However, the vaccines are not 100% effective in preventing infection and thus a small percentage of breakthrough cases can be anticipated, according to the Washington State Department of Health.

    Are not 100% effective!

    So there is 5% or more chance you can will GET breakthrough cases of COVID.

    That is nothing new, but that fact they are NOW reporting on those cases IS.


    So permanently wear masks (and toss away into the landfills all those single use masks).

    So permanently go into stores/businesses and use the petroleum industry produced hand sanitizer (not eco-friendly).

    Only allow people with a covid passport to move/travel/work/attend events and force everyone else into lockdown until they get the jab, while allowing tens of thousands into the US without screening because of what AOC calls ‘barbaric’ conditions at the border, while denouncing people calling it a “surge” at the border.




    The only time I wear gloves is when im handling Zoa;s and Paly’s or pruning something with BIG ASS THORNS… I do not live my life in fear…. With the only exception to pissing off Southern Grandmas… them ya they scare the hell out of me.


    Just found out I’m still putting my family at risk if I go see them, even if they’ve had the vaccine and I haven’t.


    You understand you are putting yourself or other people at risk if you:
    Ride a Bike
    Ride a skateboard
    Play a contact sport
    Play a noncontact sport hitting a ball very fast
    If you are a Pilot
    If you have any disease and don’t know it
    Tell a Big Redneck the wrong thing
    Piss off a Grandma
    I can go on and on and on and be silly and blunt, bottom line is LIFE IS NOT SAFE do not fear life, Live it to its fullest.


    Stop watching CNN, they’re state run media


    Stop watching CNN, they’re state run media

    Why would I want to watch the Communist “news” network?

    It has been over two decades since they stopped being a neutral/unbiased “NEWS” network, IMO.


    Legatus_Leonidas I wasn’t talking to you. But when I hit the ‘reply’ button, this lameass weebsite doesn’t specify to whom I’m responding. It just makes my comment the next post with no addressee. So I guess I’m supposed to type it myself or quote them, like it’s 2006. It’s pretty clear from your posts that you aren’t Cuomosexual, lol You can’t see my posts because the Geeks & Gamers SJW staff keep ghost deleting them


    Originally, we one replies directly to a post, it used to post (indented) right under that post.

    Since an upgrade, all replies are made/placed at the end, so all replies are listed by when they were created.


    But I agreed with the commi n network remarks.


    How did golds comment change without having a edited mark on it?


    How did golds comment change without having a edited mark on it?

    When one does an “EDIT”, if you unclick the “keep a record of the edit”, there will be no “last edited” on the reply.


    ‘When one does an “EDIT”, if you unclick the “keep a record of the edit”, there will be no “last edited” on the reply.’

    I certainly didn’t do that. The website staff are probably making sure I don’t say something naughty and not putting my posts until after they can look at them

Viewing 13 posts - 61 through 73 (of 73 total)
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