Tensions rise between DOJ, Jan. 6 panel

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    Tensions rise between DOJ, Jan. 6 panel

    The Justice Department has asked the committee to share some of its materials, sending a letter noting that some of its work “may contain information relevant to a criminal investigation we are conducting.”

    But the committee has said it won’t directly turn over what it’s got, suggesting it would provide only a more narrow level of assistance.

    The Jan.6 witch hunt does not want to share info?  How shocking!… not really.

    “I can say broadly that the traditional tension between congressional investigative committees and the Department of Justice … about witnesses is that they have different interests,” Robbins said. “The Department of Justice wants to be in a position to prosecute people or to potentially prosecute people and the congressional committees want to be able to stage hearings that lay out for the American people what happened in a way that is designed to grab and keep the attention of the media and the American people.”

    In english, the DOJ wants justice and convict people that committed a crime, while the commission wants political prosecutions.

    Those are NOT the same thing.


    “DOJ wants justice and convict people that committed a crime, while the commission wants political prosecutions”

    For nearly two years ANTIFA and BLM were able to riot and cause havoc in many states across America. Nearly zero consequences. Portland, Oregon for example has become a complete and utter cess pool due to the aftermath of all of that, I know because I have been there recently and used to love there 12 years ago. It’s not the same city. So, where is the justice for ALL those people who committed MANY crimes for months on end? There were people who were killed and a murder or two. Where is that justice? Hmm? “crickets”

    But, no, let’s create a vast narrative on ONE incident from Jan 6 2021 with a small amount of people who were mostly peaceful and just WALKED into a building. Let’s blame Donald Trump even though there is VIDEO EVIDENCE of him telling people to be peaceful. The need to scapegoat and call for “justice”, because that’s all the left continually obsesses over is “justice” for something. is just another division tactic to further divide this country. I mean, we now even have TV shows, Star Trek Strange New Worlds, using the incident to push a narrative that it kicked off WW3. How much lunacy like this are we going to put up with?


    I do not know why everyone called before the Political witch hunt has not taken the 5th….. It would force the Witch hunt to give immunity to get them to testify or force their political hand.

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