‘Terminator’ Anime Series in the Works at Netflix

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    ‘Terminator’ Anime Series in the Works at Netflix

    For those calling for more anime in the west:

    Netflix is developing an anime-style “Terminator” series, TheWrap has confirmed.

    Netflix will team up with Skydance on the series, which will be executive produced and run by “The Batman” co-writer Mattson Tomlin. Skydance holds the rights to the James Cameron-created franchise, which launched with 1984’s “The Terminator” and most recently saw the theatrical release of “Terminator: Dark Fate” in 2019.

    Production I.G, the Japanese anime studio behind such titles as “Ghost in the Shell” and “B: The Beginning,” will produce in partnership with Netflix and Skydance.


    So long as its good and stays away from Dark Fate… bring back the grit… hell… maybe contiune the Sarah Connor Chronicles story line…. I be in!


    How about giving us something new? Like the origins of the entire saga, the beginning of the loop or continued branching of timelines (depending on how you view that properties version of time travel) where we are shown the original John Connor, the one that just fell into a leadership role, and wasn’t the son of Kyle Reese. Showcase that guy. What was he like?


    A Terminator anime could be awesome but I dont think Netflix has made a single good anime yet and, other than the Terminator Resistance video game, there hasnt been a good piece of Terminator media since 1991.

    Not gonna get high expectations for this one.


    a fan film. Fans are going to have to takeover or, at least, compete. That was one thing I liked about Star Wars Visions. Like a cluster of different short ideas. Let people try. Let’s see what they got.

    TERMINATOR: HUNTER KILLER (‘Future War’ Short Film)
    TERMINATOR: HUNTER KILLER is a proof-of-concept short film, set in the future war of the Terminator-movie universe, as the humans struggle to survive in the post-apocalyptic wasteland following ‘Judgment Day’.


    I was going to trash this idea because I’m sure many woke idiots want more dark fate mediocrity, but I saw the name Mattson Tomlin and that gives me some hope. He usually just wants a quality product, he’s not about politics. I hope they give him the freedom to create something good, without any virtue signaling box list to check.


    Funnily enough I was talking to my dad about this a while back saying that Terminator would make a great animi since the Japanese like their machines lol.


    Netflix is like King Midas if when King Midas touched things it turned into dog doo-doo.


    Fan films are the next level of something like comicsgate. I prefer the short and sweet length instead of a long build-up with little payoff, which people mention is typical of movies and shows these days. Also, unless immersion is absolutely necessary, I think I prefer low budget to big budget. There are attempts at epic films these days that lack the acting and substance necessary and instead, try to overwhelm viewers with light, magic, color, fire and sound to overcompensate. One reason I like Anime or motion comics is that all the story boarding and visuals are there, but the budget is low.

    Terminator: Tech-Com [A Terminator Fan Film]
    Alex Stoupenkov
    The machines continue their war to exterminate mankind.
    Survivors are hunted and seek shelter below ground.
    Facing extinction, we fight on…
    This is the opening text to our fan film, we dedicate it to all the Terminator fans who love the world and mythos of the original 1984 and 1991 films.


    Terminator No Fate – A Terminator Fan Film

    Terminator No Fate is set after Judgement Day when an elite Tech Com team is sent to a SAC-NORAD facility by John Connor. The team uncover a secret covered up by the military that could potentially change the tide of the war.

    #Terminator #Terminatorfanfilm #Nofate

    This is a not for profit fan film with no affiliation to Paramount Pictures, Lightstorm Entertainment or The Terminator copyright holders.
    MADE BY FANS FOR FANS in 6 nights for less than US$3600 in production budget.


    Produced by Taipan Films Australia

    The reason I am posting these is that I think this is the future. As online groups build their  own fan bases, they are going to be able to pick and choose independent studios and produce their own films.


    Terminator: Dawn Of Victory (a Terminator Fan Film)

    24 years after Judgment Day, a lone Tech-Com soldier, hunted by machines, must hack Skynet in a hub located in France and send data to John Connor’s team. Skynet will do anything to stop her.

    After decades of desperate fighting against SKYNET, the human resistance has lost many battles and soldiers.
    Humans have never been so close to extinction as since JUDGMENT DAY.
    For 7 years, the leader of the resistance, JOHN CONNOR, and his TECH-COM groups from all nations around the world, have unsuccessfully tried to find a way to hack SKYNET to get access to tactical data, essential to CONNOR’s plan for the VICTORY.
    A gifted TECH-COM Sergeant is about to try to hack SKYNET for the last time.
    All her military troops will escort her to a terminal in France…
    if everything goes as planned…

    I am surprised at all the recent fan films. Maybe people just sense that the bots and drones are coming, along with digital currencies and tracking. Creative people are awesome.


    SKYNET (a Terminator fan film by Chris .R. Notarile)

    55 years after Judgment Day, the war is over….. We lost. Now, the last man on earth will finally come face to face with the program that drove mankind to extinction- SKYNET.


    It’s pretty safe to say that the Terminator franchise has gotten stale. The fact that there are literally THREE, count em, THREE part 3’s, and a part 4/prequel, and none of them managed to capture the creative spark of the first two films, speaks volumes. As a life long fan, I just got tired of it all. I’m tired of the pointless retcons, the paper thin excuses for when Judgment day now will take place, the endless amount of disbelief that needs to be suspended to keep roping in Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the never ending, yet continually unfulfilled promise of a “new” trilogy. Terminator has become about as complicated as the Halloween franchise, and that is not something to be proud of.

    In 2007, before Rob Zombie gave us his…. “version” of Halloween, I decided to put the final nail in the coffin of the Michael Myers we all came to know and love. I killed him in a short film called THE LAST HALLOWEEN : THE DEATH OF MICHAEL MYERS. By that point, in 2007, Halloween had become a very messed up franchise, with multiple sequels ignoring each other. It was stupid, contrived, and I hated it. And since 2002’s HALLOWEEN : RESURRECTION ended with the promise of an unmade Halloween 9, I wanted to just kill off Michael for good. And I did.

    I went into SKYNET with the exact same mindset. I wanted to terminate the franchise. My goals were simple- fix what was broken, then end it, leaving no way for the story to continue. Now I know what you might be thinking- Skynet is technically still alive at the end of the short. Yeah, but it is a paradox. It knows it cannot allow itself to be created again. So it will either just exist entirely on its own, much like DARK FATE’S Carl did- a relic of a dead timeline, or it will find a way to self terminate. Either way, my version of Skynet has learned its lesson, so I guarantee it will either behave, or find a way to physically terminate itself. But its days of enslaving humanity are long behind it.

    After I had written the script, I immediately went into casting….. Then Covid hit, and the entire project was put on hold. But in so many ways, it was for the best. Originally, the story was actually set in 2029 with a 45 year old John Connor. But the actor I originally approached for the part (someone I often collaborated with) kinda fell out of touch with me. Disappointed, but refusing to kill the project, I began thinking who else could play the part? Personally, there is no bigger honor than when fans of the franchise consider my work canon. It’s the best compliment I could ever ask for. So I thought to myself, what is the best way to get someone to consider my little short canon? The most obvious answer was to get someone from the original franchise to guest star or cameo. But who? And then I thought to myself- what about Michael Edwards? What’s he up to? So I straight up emailed him and asked if he’d be interested in the part. I was not only shocked that he replied, but to know he was eager to do it was as awesome as it was validating.

    After a few video calls, I quickly retooled the script to fit Michael’s current age and demeanor. This was going to be the John Connor we’ve always wanted to see. The great military leader from the future war, with the guy who originated the part. What was he like? How has 55 years of unending war treated John? Short answer- not very well.

    Michael and I spoke for about 6-8 months via email and text as we tried to figure out how to film during a pandemic. We both agreed to just put the whole thing off till Covid got more under control. Thankfully the vaccine finally came out in early 2021, and as soon as Michael got his shot, we began prepping to film.

    We shot all his scenes in one day at the Abandoned Zoo in Griffith Park, Los Angeles. Filming was tough because we had to constantly hold for sound interruptions from endless amounts of noisy hikers. But thankfully, we got it all done. Laura Van Yck played the role of Skynet. Some will probably ask, why is Skynet a woman? The answer is simple- I work with a ton of incredibly talented women. I would be a fool not to use them whenever I can. And aside from her amazing talent and beauty, Laura also has a wonderful Belgium accent, which I was more than happy to incorporate. Especially since everybody was cool with the T-800 being from Austria.

    SKYNET was a labor of love. Part LOGAN and part BLADE RUNNER. I wanted to tell a thoughtful, heartfelt story about two mortal enemies finally seeing eye to eye, and then finding a way to make the wrong things right. This is not a shoot em up action blockbuster. This is the end. The finale we never got, but have always wanted. Hopefully someone in Hollywood is taking notes.

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