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    I was surprised to see that there’s no topic on the late/great Terry Pratchett. If you’ve ever read of his Diskworld novels, they are a hoot. The man was a master of satire, he mocked everyone regardless of affiliation. The man had a very dry and witty very British sense of humor. And that’s what made him sucha  brilliant author. I’m currently listening to one of his stories on Talking Books. SOmetimes we all just need to learn to laugh at ourselves.

    Come here and share your stories and any tales you have of the legendary writer.


    Thanks for adding him to the list of authors that I am going to have to binge through. Terry Pratchett will be added to Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series. I tried to get into Xanth by Piers Anthony and it just didn’t take. You would think that Pratchett would have a following among the flat-earthers. Also, maybe Discworld gives potential stories for adaptations to be made. That is what streaming services are looking for these days, especially, if the fan base is big enough.

    The Destroyer is a series of paperback novels about a U.S. government operative named Remo Williams, originally by Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir. That is another binge I want to go on, but I doubt I’ll ever get to this one. I was reading through the plots and they were outstanding.

    Fantasy is a genre that I was not exposed to very much growing up. I have a suspicion that the folks considered it a bad influence.


    Never read this guy yet, but one of my favorite pundits has a bunch of his books on last year’s book list, so must say that you are in very good company and must have good taste in literature.

    These were on the list:

    Guards! Guards!, Terry Pratchett
    Interesting Times, Terry Pratchett
    Maskerade, Terry Pratchett
    Carpe Jugulum, Terry Pratchett
    Thief of Time, Terry Pratchett
    A Hat Full of Sky, Terry Pratchett
    Witches Abroad, Terry Pratchett
    Snuff, Terry Pratchett
    The Last Hero, Terry Pratchett


    Ooh trust me, read his diskworld novels, they are a hoot! I’ve listened to them on Talking books and they are loads of fun.


    I enjoyed Pratchett. Think I’ve read most of his Discworld books.

    The tone did change over time. The first couple of DW books felt like world building, and he was bit crazy with parts of it. Then he settled down, and if the setting was more like real life it was also still fantasy.

    My favorite would probably be “Night Watch”. I think the Vimes stories are his strongest ones, and Vimes his best character. Really would have like to have seen a story where Vimes, Susan, and the Luggage had to work together for whatever odd reason he could come up with. But maybe that would have been far too much stubbornness for one story to hold.


    Between those three characters I’d say it’s a strong possibility.


    I’ve read the entire series of Discworld novels and have many (possibly all) of the Unseen Library editions. I’m going to agree with others here and also say that the City Watch were my favourite group within the stories. From what I heard the first couple of books were written just for fun but when they became popular the author became more organised about his writing, hence the shift in tone.

    There were also a few TV adaptations made, Wyrd Sisters and Soul Music were animated while live action versions of The Colour of Magic, The Light Fantastic (these two were combined into one mini-series), Hogfather and Going Postal were made. All of these have been released on DVD (at least in region 2) but the animated ones may be difficult to find now.

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