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    Dear Geeks + Gamers,

    6 years ago I attempted suicide after losing my Dad (who was the only family I’ve got) to stage IV pancreatic cancer, while also struggling with poverty due to economic issues in a country I don’t wish to live in.

    Things have greatly changed since then. New doors opened up and met new people who revived me back. I decided to give another go at Life. My passion for films; for Star Wars and other sci-fi/fantasy worlds; and also my desire to write my own stories have prevented me to kill myself — and you G+G have been a big part in my recovery process.

    You guys have comforted me when the Kathleenverse Star Wars saddened and betrayed me.

    Star Wars has a special place in my heart, for it was one of the fictional worlds in which Dad and I bonded with. He even used Star Wars philosophy to teach me life lessons when I wasn’t on the right path. So watching Kathleen Kennedy and her cronies abuse Star Wars was sacrilegious and insulting. It was you, Geeks + Gamers, who preserved the Star Wars I knew — the Star Wars which my old Japanese Father introduced me to — from total ruin. You guys maintained that magic that all of us shared around the planet, and you guys gave me back my fighting spirit which I lost. A fighting spirit that I now use to fight back against this woke SJW nonsense.

    I decided to keep living for the following major reasons: Dad wouldn’t want me to waste my life via suicide (neither would my new family I have who revived me); I intend to keep his last wish by leaving the Far East and making new life in North America; and I have stories to write… to share… that’ll hopefully challenge the mainstream.

    I wrote a free webcomic last year but decided to stop it due to laziness and also discouragement for not having enough readers. I intend to convert those stories into short written stories this year since I feel more comfortable at writing, and will make my stories for free so everyone can enjoy. It’s my desire for my stories to challenge the dominating woke Narrative to kingdom come, while also bringing back decent storytelling that’s now in decline. I just need to figure out a strategy to overcome my addictions first – since they’ve risen up like wildfire since Covid. My addictions are currently my biggest obstacle. Nonetheless, I thank you Geeks + Gamers for reviving my fighting spirit back, and for being a major part of my recovery process. I now do not feel alone in my struggle, and am definitely ain’t alone in my vengeance against the woke bullshittery that’s going on.

    So next time the Media lambastes you for something trivial or bollocks (such as claiming you guys are “alt-right”) just tell them that a certain Japanese,  homosexual, non-Christian dude vouches for y’all. Use my testimony against them to whoop their sorry woke asses. Furthermore my contacts in Singapore, Philippines and Peru have been fans of Geeks + Gamers, and they felt insulted when the Media talked shit about you. You guys are the most diverse entity there is, more so than LucasFilm.

    Thanks again for being a part of my healing journey, Geeks + Gamers. And also for doing these beautiful charity streams that saves lives.

    Fast forward to present day, I feel much better now (apart from addictions). I’ve regained my power and I’ll also be leaving Japan this year to make my big last move to North America once my visa is sorted out. Will disclose my location after my documents are completed. I’ve lived in places such as China and Sri Lanka in my earlier years, so I know firsthand on what a totalitarian or extreme socialist country would be like. All these woke idiots have no idea what they’re trying to summon. I’d be looking forward on waking up those Woke Westerners once I move there, and bring back decent storytelling too.

    That’s all for now.

    And Jeremy, if you read this, check your Paypal. If you see a donation from a dude with Japanese letters, that’s from me.

    Use this to empower Geeks + Gamers.

    Much love,

    Austin (





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