The Batman: The SJW hero we do not need


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    The new movie starring Robert Pattinson has done so much race baiting, race bending (both), it’s hard to keep track of it.

    The trailer was sort of shitty, but the real problem is that I see this movie going FULL WOKE, to the point that Birds of Prey will be seeing as more centered.

    I say we boycott the shit out of that movie, and campaign to have Batfleck back.


    I’ll give it a chance. Batman is so awesome that it deserves the benefit of the doubt. After how amazing Joker was there’s just no way I’ll miss the next Batman movie even if it’s a different universe.


    Even if if turns out Woke as hell?


    Then I won’t watch it again. I don’t want other people’s speculations to spoil the experience for me. It can’t be as bad as The Amazing Spiderman 2.


    That’s what they said about FANT4STIC


    There’s no reason Gordon can’t be black, and there’s certainly no reason Catwoman can’t as two black actresses have played her in the past.

    If a role is well written and acted for a character who’s backstory doesn’t require them to be a certain ethnicity, then there should be no issue. With all the things they change in film adaptations, all the shit, the costumes, the vehicles, this and that, the color of ones skin should not fucking matter.

    Also no, they shouldn’t just go out and create new characters if they want to cast that way because rarely does anyone care. Not to mention if they did, people would complain those new characters are taking the place others, or they aren’t as important, and if it failed at the box office…those idiots would point and laugh.

    If you don’t want to see something because of incredibly dumb reasons and bitch about it on the internet go right ahead, but for fuck’s sake…at least make videos about it so you can profit off all the idjits that stupidly think that way. Get with the program.

    Movie looks great, looking forward to it.

    Good luck with a boycott.

    Also, Affleck is back and doing his own thing in Flashpoint.


    I just find it funny when the opposite happens and Scarlett Johansson gets cast in Ghost in The Shell, or all the “white washing” on Gods of Egypt. The latter sucking beyond what a movie is allowed to suck, and it had nothing to do with white actors. I just see a trend where red haired characters are taken aside and dismissed just as easily.


    I think also Pattinson looks like he could take a few meds, he looks super emo.


    Starfire’s an alien, she was orange, she can be played by any color. The Titan’s casting isn’t to blame, it’s them not painting her orange…but her being orange isn’t essential to the core of her character or her background as an alien is an alien.

    I don’t watch anime, so I can’t comment on the the GitS live action film, but Gods of EGYPT should be self explanatory…there are arguments to be made that there aren’t enough bankable actors to fill those roles…but how do you know until you try. Case in point…Crazy Rich Asians.


    Yes, but say… The Little Mermaid was/is a Danish fairy tale…

    I wasn’t bothered with the actors playing the titular Gods of Egypt, I was bothered at the shitty CGI, the stupid story, the actors phoning-in the performances… but mostly the horrendous CGI that kills your suspension of disbelief, like the ANIMALITY transformation at the end of Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. Not like the move didn’t suck ass before, but that scene was cringe level god.


    Shiftygism gives some valid examples of when it makes sense to recast a character to change their race, but in some instances it wouldn’t make sense to recast the race of a character like changing a main character like Superman to be a black woman wouldn’t only not make sense but it would be insulting. I don’t care about side-characters or characters whose origins are ambiguous etc. Even though Superman is an alien he has always been white and when that’s just how it is they shouldn’t change it because that won’t end racism with racist people – it’ll probably make them even more fanatical.

    I don’t know that changing the title of a character/movie necessarily dooms that character or movie to fail because most people care about what’s good from word of mouth and not necessarily about what is well known. That’s why Harley Quinn/BoP2 movie and the latest Terminator didn’t do so well even though they had well-known titles and cast – because they were just really average movies that got released around the same time as a very good movie – Joker. Hollywood will make a million excuses for their lousy, regurgitated writing.


    I afree, but Tim Miller, the Director of Dark Fate syarted attacing fans months before we even sawa trailer. ‘Mysoginist men are afraid of strong women” he said.

    I wanna” know what film school do these idiots go whete they are told that to draw an audience you need to indult them.


    I won’t be watching it.




    DC and Marvel don’t want my business, don’t want me as a customer, don’t value my opinions…

    Fuck em. I won’t GIVE em my business. Easy. I’ll give my money to Iconic Comics instead.

    I don’t need their cookie cutter movies. I can’t stand their SJW comics. It’s good for little more than toilet paper in the coming droughts.


    Black Gordon is going to be a little weird for me… it’s an important character and he being white is part of the story… or at least was… but… that being said, I like the actor (Jeffrey Wright). Catwoman is fine, she’s from the streets, her background has no connection with race (not like Gordon), and her race is not important, she can be asian, black, whatever. I also like the actress, Zoe is cool af.

    I enjoyed the 1st trailer/teaser, Robert lately has been in good decent movies, i hope he does a good job and ofc i hope the movie is good.

    The most negative aspect is the fuckin riddler, ridiculous outfit… geez. Riddler doesnt even need a mask. They could do it like Batman Earth One (Vol2), just a normal irish (?) dude with a tattoo.
    Having a garbage plastic bag and googles is so stupid, makes the movie look cheap af… oh well.

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