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    The Batman trailer just dropped, curious to here what everyone thinks

    Personally, i was pleasantly surprised, not sure if Robert Pattinson worked out or not, but he does look good in the Bat-suit, i was very skeptical about commissioner Gordon, as woke media was bragging a lot about race swapping him, Jeffery Wright got cast as Gordon, and he looks really convincing in the trailer, wich is a hard thing to do when you don’t look like the character you’re playing, seems like the Riddler’s gonna be the main villain, you don’t actually see him in the trailer, but i looked up the cast, and Paul Dano’s gonna be Riddler (seen a lot of his movies, he’s great at playing nut cases 😁). Hope this movie doesn’t go to shits, but, i actually have a good feeling about this one


    I was always wondering how well they were going to adapt “The Long Halloween” story-arc, or how much they were going to adjust.


    From what they showed, it does look look.

    I am also excited that Michael Giacchino will be doing the score.

    I liked his Star Trek (2009) score.



    I’m so hyped right now, Battinson is nearly perfect. He’s the hottest man in the world and has a jaw worthy of being Batman, unlike Christian Bale953B03F0-E63B-4DBE-A767-7E17D865B4E8


    Yeah, really like his Doctor Strange and Siper-man (MCU) scores too


    I liked Christian Bale’s portrayal of Batman, though i’m not a big fan of the Dark Knight trilogy

    Not sure why you have a pic of Robert Pattinson (Batman) and Henry Cavill (Superman) there, i’m guessing Golden Ratio = hotness rating, i see Pattinson won there, but i still find Cavill hotter 😁 Pattinson’s hot too, can’t wait for the movie to come out 😄




    Honestly, I don’t dig it. I don’t hate it, but I don’t dig it. I’m in the camp of the costume looks dumb. I don’t care about the eye liner shit.


    Batman/Bruce Wayne is a big dude, Robbie is a waif.


    Frankly, I’ve never been a fan of any Batman movie. 1989 was cool for me a as a kid, but I was a kid. I’m not a Dark Knight Trilogy guy, I really disliked them.


    In the end I’m a Batman Animated Series guy through Justice League into Batman Beyond, aka Bruce Timmverse. To me that was perfection.


    The ratio is based on how good your facial features are and its made by a plastic surgeon. It’s a matter of opinion if you think Cavill is hotter but scientifically, Pattinson’s facial features are closest to perfect out of all top celebrities according to a plastic surgeon.

    And Christian Bale had a really weak jaw/chin so he had implats in his mask which made him look a bit chubby


    A waif? He’s 1,85 m/6’1ft , that’s not that small (i don’t know this off by heart btw, just googled it)


    When I say waif, I mean build wise. Dude is skinny as heck. I wouldn’t even call him lean and muscled…just skinny dude. Not someone I feel threatened by.


    Taller, younger, and most importantly has a perfectly chiseled masculine jawline unlike Christian Bale.

    Battinson is smoking HOT, the perfect Batman👌 And he has great emotional range, which makes the man even hotter.



    Feel threatened by the man yet? You wouldn’t wanna catch those hands💪

    The man is literal perfection of masculinity.



    Pro-athletes have the dark mark under their eyes for a reason.

    Eye black is a grease or strip applied under the eyes to reduce glare, although studies have not conclusively proven this. It is a form of functional makeup. It is often used by American football, baseball and lacrosse players to purportedly mitigate the effects of bright sunlight or stadium floodlights.

    So any super-hero in a mask wears it for a similar reason.

    Having the full raccoon effect makes sense, since those like Batman spends alot of their time hiding in the dark, upside-down, etc. So light from above, below, from the side, etc. is something to be concerned about.


    Uh…no. Not nearly. I may be a straight male, but I know masculine and what I consider good looking, and he isn’t. Dude needs a hamburger.


    I thought eating hamburgers was part of his Batman quarentine training 😂

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